Nigeria is 58 today! Yaay!

Did I get a smile from anyone?

Who is excited about this? For a moment as I  typed 58, I hoped it wasn’t 58 I was about to type, I had to refer to my calculator to cross check. Are we really 58 already?

One day during assembly in primary school it struck me as  I sang the line in the national anthem that said, ‘…the labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain’. I realized that labour was probably in vain already and maybe we should delete that line from the anthem already.

Today, my heart is so heavy and I am presented with a problem, we are all presented with this problem but its not insurmountable. The solution would not happen overnight.

But am I going to join everyone to complain? I don’t need to count the woes we already know them, everyone is talking about the problems ; at church, in the market, in the bus and in the classrooms.

Even as much as try to ignore the problems, I am confronted by them every day. The poverty I see just in front of my house, fathers withtheir 2-year-old daughters rummaging our waste bins for food and collectables or the terrible road I would ply to school. It’s not something I can shut my eyes too even if I try.

So what do we do? There is a popular approach to this: ‘I will not give back anything to a country that did not give me anything’ mindset. Most people are trying to leave Nigeria by any means possible. Catch a plane or trek through the Sahara desert if I have to.

What we have is 2000 doctors leaving Nigeria annually? Are they to be blamed? I don’t think so.

What do we do from here?


Bad leadership has thrived on our complacency based on the fact that we often choose to accept the status quo as the way things are. There is a common saying that Nigerians always find a way to adjust to suffering.

Social media is a tool of entertainment, a way to build great businesses but also an agent of social change. It allows each and every one of us a voice that can be heard globally. You can lend yurvoice to creating change in Nigeria.

post by Juliet Kego on twitter

Let’s start talking about the change that we want to see, not just about the problems.


It is very easy to sit on the sidelines and complain, it is very easy to write tweets and type in comments but we also need massive action.  You might think your little steps are too little to change the world but they can! If we all put in our little steps to create a compound effect. Find ways that you can participate.

Register to vote during elections, follow and use the hashtags (yes! Even something that might appear to be that insignificant).

There are so many people championing the cause for a better Nigeria. Support them. Don’t be their greatest critic or talk about how unrealistic their dreams of transforming Nigeria are.

Participate and volunteer your time and resources in community development programs. You can start with this: from October, I’d be teaching civic education to primary and secondary school students across the state I live, you can volunteer here!



Stay in the know about the different things happening in the country, for example, a lot of people talk about the not too young to run bill but they don’t even know the stipulated age is.

A good way to learn about the different things happening is by following accounts like Budgit and other accountability and advocacy organizations on social media ( Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). Follow, like, share! You can aso sign up for newsleters so you can stay in the know.

Learn about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and a lot of other relevant happenings.


  • LEAD

Yes, why not you?  You are a changemaker. The first thing about changemakers is that they ask why not me? They are not superman or superwoman, they do not own or wear capes or have an IQ above the ordinary. They are the people that decide why not me.

One of the challenges that Nigeria has faced is the lack of good leadership. Are you a good leader? Sometimes, we think that leadership is something that is reserved for a few, or an ability that a person is born with or that leadership is a position/title. No, it isn’t! Everyone is a leader. Leadership in its simplest form really is the ability to influence others.  I wrote a lot about that, you can read it here.

Groom yourself to be a good leader. Lead yourself. Nigeria is a better place because of you. A simple example of leading yourself to be a good person is deciding to be a person of integrity when there is a lot of bribery and corruption taking place every day. Another example of leading is deciding not to litter the streets or throw your nylon, plastic wrap, bottle out through the window of a moving vehicle.


  • PRAY

Pray for Nigeria. Words are really powerful! We create the world around us through the words that we speak. Every day thousands of people utter so many negative words about Nigeria. Instead of saying something negative. Choose to say something positive about Nigeria. Bless Nigeria with your words! Let’s speak the future we want to see!

Nigeria is a country blessed with a lot of resources and with a lot of amazing people! Including you. One thought to leave with is this: Nigeria is blessed to have you! Make Nigeria a better place because you are in it. Keep doing amazing things!

This week I was thinking of what to write about, last week I wrote about resting and taking time off social media so that you can find, define and clarify who you are, what your vision is and what your action plan is. You can read about here.

I wrote about how social media can be such a big distraction because sometimes we forget who we are because we get so busy looking at every other person and what they are doing. You can catch up on that post here.

This week, I planned to write about developing a daily personal development routine, as a follow up to my writings about personal growth, because success is found in the routine, it is found in the things that we do every day, in our habits but I’d be saving that conversation for my next post.

We all desire to be successful and to be able to live our dreams and that generally involves a whole lot of activities that we need to do.

Somewhere in the middle of that pursuit, we get blindsided and begin to forget some of the things that really matter. For example, when we define what it means to be rich or wealthy we often quantify it in terms of the money, accolades and all other material standards.

I subscribed to the daily minute with  John C. Maxwell show, one of the topics was about building wealth, I was really excited like ‘show me the money’ , but I was really surprised by what I watched. It defined wealth differently, wealth not only inform of material acquisitions or position but wealth in terms of people.

Are we wealthy in relationships? Are our relationships rich? Are we rich in relationships?

A lot of times long the road, on the journey to living our dreams, maintaining our relationships might appear to be really difficult because we are much busier and we are doing legitimate things.

However, wealthy relationships and being wealthy in terms of relationships is also sometimes that we want to make a part of our mental frame when we start think of and pursue wealth.

A quote I read many years ago that I haven’t forgotten yet is that, ‘People are meant to be loved and things are supposed to be used’. For a good part of our journey, I have sometimes found myself doing the opposite using people and loving things or loving the goals I want to reach.

There are other popular sayings like, ‘Your network is your net worth’ and the importance of networking is really stressed. Sometimes I am concerned that a lot of times, the idea of networking is seen as meeting people with the intent to use them to meet our goals.

Networking is great but we shouldn’t be totally focused on what we can get from our relationship with others but the value that we bring to them also.

It is a popular narrative to find people unable to spend times with their family, friends and loved ones because of work. It wasn’t something I saw myself spiraling towards but I was.

A good part of this was also attributed to the fact that I am partly an introvert and I really enjoy spending time with myself a lot.  There is also a balance to it also. A lot of times it is easy to reach out to people across from a computer screen or over social media but it’s also important to go out and spend time with people not just on the phone.

Our relationships are very important to who we become, some of our relationships can either pull us down or make us better. There is no controversy about the are people that we need to run from, people that steal and discourage us from our dreams. Those are people that we should run from, sometimes we stay too long in these company of these people because of emotional sentiments of a romantic relationship, a longtime friendship or family relations. If these relationships drain you, it’s advisable to try to draw away. The question is usually how do I do this? One of the things that I haven’t done perfectly is severing relationships the right way, try as much as possible when you close the door of a particular relationship not to slam it.

Sometimes the reason why we attract negative people, might be because we are also negative and this can be the very awful truth, but a lot of times we attract people like ourselves towards us mostly unconsciously. Sometimes what we need to do is work on ourselves.

The truth is that there are toxic people who would refuse to allow the relationship to fade quietly away, but you must resolve to make the right decision even though they may difficult My advice is that you get counsel from trusted and supported friends or mentors or how to go about this.

Not every relationship is a bad one. We should seek to surround ourselves with the right people. Sometimes the people around us would not come to us as readymade but we must be willing to take a chance on investing in people on being a people builder.

The underlying principle is not to get too focused on what we can get from people but also more on what we can bring to people. The value that we can bring to our relationships and the people around us.

Our biggest investment would not be in stocks, shares and bonds although they pay off. Our biggest investment would be in people. The people we have built, it is people that build multinationals and sustain it, not multinationals that make people.

Investing in people means that we would also make a personal commitment as individuals to be valuable people and to keep improving s that we can also bring that value to our relationships.

Also, as creatures of sight, we do a lot of judging, assessment and summarizing based on what we see about people in the present. People change, grow and evolve so don’t look down on people just because of what they seem to be like or are right now.

Remi Owadokun shared her story of being hosted to one of the most lavish in Uruguay on an influencer holiday that she wasn’t qualified for. The brand needed influencers with over 2 million followers but she only had less than 5000 followers, yet she was picked for the job because she had met the person in charge of picking out influencers several months ago and had gone the extra mile to be supportive of her even though they had only just met though there wasn’t exactly a possibility of them working together at the time. She more of the story here.

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A lot of times the journey to becoming who we desire to be might ahead appear to be really daunting, where we are in place that doesn’t look so much like our dreams ad we have no idea how our dreams are going to happen.

But don’t give up yet! At the becoming Conference, I learnt some pretty simple ways to get there!

I had a really amazing time at the Ladies of Delight Foundation Conference over the weekend. I wrote about my experience in my last blog post. This is the second part of the series I am writing about the conference. You can catch up on the first post here.

The second speaker at the Leading Ladies Conference themed becoming was Modupe Lanre-Akinsiun finished from the university with a low class of degree, a class of degree that indicated that she was less likely to lead a successful life.

Today, she is a certified John C Maxwell, Coach speaker and trainer as well as an award-winning Hr Professional who has managed operations for a leading Pharmaceutical firm covering more than 10 nations. She is a regular guest on TV Stations across the city of Lagos, Nigeria and hosts a radio show.

She had been able to lead a first class life using a first class attitude to life and work.

From the second speaker, I learnt that the first thing on the journey to becoming is actually finding out your destination.

Finding out exactly where you are headed to. Maybe not exactly but having a good idea of where you are headed.

The next thing to do is to find out what your destination requires, like for example, if you are headed to America you want to find out the requirements for an American Visa.

When you have found out some of the things that you’d need in your journey, get strategic about your learning.

Draw out a growth plan for the areas that you would need to grow and the materials that you need in that area.

So you are not just reading any book randomly you are reading books and getting materials on the area where you need growth.

On the journey of becoming, growth is really important. A lot of people say they want to grow but how badly do you want to grow?

This is because the proof of desire is pursuit. You’d have to invest in your growth. How much are you willing to invest in your growth?

Generally, we tend to pay a lot of attention to our outward appearance but ignore developing our inner parts.

Invest more in your brain than in your looks.

You must be willing to make an investment and go all the way not stop midway with your growth journey.

On our journey, we would gather knowledge, but knowledge is potential power, the difference is dependent on what we do with what we know.

On our becoming journey, self-discovery is important. Discovery is something that we best find in solitude( in our alone time) so we want to cultivate having personal time.

Role models and mentors are also important on this journey. Learn from mentors and role models and emulate what’s working for them.

Develop a good relationship with them. Don’t have a use and dump attitude to mentorship where a person is only relevant to you as far you are learning from them or you feel like you have outgrown them, so you cut off the relationship.

Develop and maintain a long-lasting relationship.

We sometimes experience inertia which is a general resistance to our growth on our becoming journey.

Some can take the form of

Need for Clarity:

A lot of times we claim that what’s holding us back is our need for clarity. Clarity doesn’t necessarily come in a place of waiting for it to come but when you begin to take steps using the knowledge that you already have.


We travel a lot faster when we travel lighter. Some of our associations may actually be weights because they are the ones holding us back.


Generally, some people are just lazy, and that’s what is holding them back. Not willing to put work or diligence into their journey.

Leadership is not about being assigned or role. It’s about what we make of what has been given to us.

The big question is not about where her we are male or female but that we can create results.

I hope you found this post helpful. This is the second part of the first blog post about the BECOMING CONFERENCE, here’s the first part.

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