I promised to share excerpts from the Leading Ladies Conference. The Conference was really amazing, I had a great time. The conference was organised by a faith-based organisation, Ladies of Delight Foundation.

The conference was divided into three parts: The first two were keynote speeches and then a panel session. I enjoyed both speakers, my favourite session was the last speaker, Dupe Akinsuin. She is someone that I had really learnt from through her community on Facebook, its called the Life’s Builders Network. The daily teaching really helped me to grow a whole lot. It’s a Facebook community that I recommend.

I don’t really have images of the conference yet so I wouldn’t be able to share now.

So here’s a summary:

The first speaker was Falujo Omoseye.

From the first speaker, I learnt that there is a God-design for our lives and this design is the most essential thing on the journey of becoming, that becoming is not a journey of assuming purpose but actually finding out the original plan that God had for our lives.

Self-discovery is okay. So far it leads you to find out who God made you be. God decides our destiny, we don’t make it up by ourselves.

She talked about being inspired by someone and getting stuck on that image and wanting to be exactly that is stopping at a signpost, a signpost is a pointer to your destination, not your destination.

She also shared that our future doesn’t take its bearing based on where we are coming from[ this is something that we have heard before but we also need to get to a place of internalising, where the size of our dreams and the images of our future aren’t based on our background].

It’s so important to follow the Holy Spirit since He knows the way better than we do! And also that we aren’t in competition with anybody  ( even our peers)and although there is a good likelihood of getting pressured because of the things that we are seeing others do! Because we are all on a separate journey even though we may live nearby.

The part that got me was where she talked about this: in the journey of life, there are no elevators only stairs [ which basically means for me that you have to put in the work and not just expect things to come to us and seek shortcuts but apply the universal principle of diligence].

Here’s my take: Following God’s plan has been something that I have struggled with. I can be quite opinionated and I like drawing out plenty of plans but one thing that has really helped me to trust and follow God is seeing his heart.  Knowing that God loves me and cares about me much more than I care about myself and that even though I have ‘big’ plans God has bigger plans.

Also, the notion that we have about God like He is the person that always negates all the great ideas that we have. A lot of times, the second-guessing that we feel in our doubt and that voice of fears concerning our dreams and purpose isn’t God, its the devil trying to discourage you.

That voice that tells you that your dreams are too big and you are too young for them definitely isn’t God! Joseph was 17 years old or less when God started giving him dreams about his future being a leader of the most powerful nation in the world at the time.

We might not be sure about your purpose or the God-design for you and you might not be sure the path that you are walking on right now is it but talk t God about it.

Don’t be under pressure to find it! Rest!

If you have any questions you can reach me at . I’d be happy to help.

In my next post, I would share what I shared on the panel sessio and what I learnt from other speakers.

Hey there!

It’s been a long time since I wrote here on my blog. I took a short unintended break, it actually just started from procrastination. Every day I said I was going to write the next day and when the next day came, I said I’d write the following day and it turned into months.

So here’s my advice:

Stop procrastinating!  I guess you’ve likely heard that before and you still did. I learnt something from Mel Robbins, she wrote a book called the 5 seconds Rule, which basically is Do it in 5 seconds don’t hesitate.

You see your brain is designed to protect you and keep you comfortable, so after a while, it begins to talk to you out of doing things but might potentially offset your comfort or your routine or take you out of your comfort zone so you don’t want to give it that processing time.

Send that email, text or make that call. Get up from the bed, pick up that book, go to that place. Whatever it is at all…

Just get up and do it!

The second reason why I wasn’t writing was that I got discouraged. I kept waking up to look at my site stats and saw that not so many people were reading my posts, it made me feel really terrible so I began to question everything. I got thoughts like maybe I am writing nonsense etc or I am not good enough and I began to compare myself to other bloggers.

Now, I have realised that its not about how the numbers make me feel. It is about people; loving people,  serving people and reaching people. So it’s not about how seeing large numbers make me feel, it’s about wanting to serve that one person that read it with something valuable.

What I have learnt :

  1. Comparison totally kills you! Stop comparing your beginning to someone else’s middle or end. Every blogger started somewhere. Instead be more interested in knowing what helped them to grow not comparing.
  2. Face your own work and up your game. If it’s not working then you aren’t doing something right or you aren’t doing something enough. Improve the quality of your work. Get wisdom.
  3. It’s absolutely okay to ask for help, don’t be too proud or too timid to ask for help. If you need help in a certain area,  ask someone who can help you. The worst thing is getting a ‘No’ and it won’t kill you.

Also. you can talk to your friends and trusted people if you are experiencing discouragement. Stop trying to keep it to yourself and act strong.  Their friendship and support go a long way to help.

Another part is there is no Quick fix or shortcut! I listened to Gary Vee’s talk about how he kept podcasting, writing for more than 2 years and nobody cared to listen to him or agree with his views. He was one of the first set of investors in Facebook and a lot of other ventures that have grossed billions now that no one believed in when they started out.

He met a  young Youtuber, he had only one advice for the 7-year-old boy. Don’t ever bother about the number of people watching you or subscribed to your channel or the number of followers but focus on giving out great content and getting better at it. It’s only a matter of time.

Summarily, stop comparing, procrastination and just get around to doing. The only cure for procrastination is DOING. What’s your dream? What are you working on? Stop worrying about whether or people would listen to you, focus on giving value and serving people.

I hope you found this helpful! Kindly, like, comment & share!

Hello, happy new year.

How was your 2017?


I recently just came to the realization that is a year is actually pretty shorter than I thought it to be. A year is just about 52 weeks and 365 days doesn’t sound so long. Another narrative I explored was that what if the Gregorian calendar we used was set differently, a year might have been longer or shorter and the new year would have definitely been at a different time.

The point I am getting at is that there is nothing super new about the days. It is our consciousness that is new. Whether it is going to be a happy new year or not might be solely left to our decisions and the actions that we take on them.

In preparing for the year, I tried to highlight a number of things that I would like to do this year. I came up with a really long list. Then it struck me that I might not be able to accomplish these things if I am the exact same person I was last year, having the same attitude, methods, approach and beliefs. I would at best repeat the success of the previous years or maybe slightly better.

Another thing I realised in reviewing the year was that one of the biggest mistakes I made was my failure to evaluate. Day by day, month by month, I had failed to evaluate how exactly I had spent it, so I could make adjustments. Many of us may be guilty of this also. I came up with a solution for this though. I am creating a customized journal that allows doing weekly evaluations of the things done right and wrong, set action points and also goals for the new week. You can preorder it here.

Putting together those two ideas, I would say that you have to make a commitment to becoming better. You have to make a commitment to growth. 2017 I grew incidentally not intentionally. I could have grown faster if I had chosen to be deliberate about improving myself. Glory to God for the incidental growth!
Be deliberate about growth. These are some of the ways that you can grow:


Books: Decide to read a couple more books in 2018. A lot of times we are not effective with our reading because we are reading randomly. Don’t just read randomly. Decide the areas where you need to improve, seek more knowledge in those areas. For me, one of the areas I want to improve is managing and creating wealth so I would read books in that line, some of the other areas for me is public speaking, writing and blogging. I would also be seeking knowledge in that area.

 PODCASTS & AUDIOBOOKS: these are really useful to get your learning done on the go. Podcasts are mostly free. So this is you learning a lot of things at no cost at all. You can listen to podcasts and audiobooks on the go, in transit and even as you get other tasks done. can replace some of your talk time with listening and some of the time you spend listening to music to learn something by the side.

 BLOGS: There are so many blogs that share a lot of useful information on different areas. Make a habit of reading blog posts and yes subscribe to newsletters also. Those emails can really be of great help.

 YOUTUBE: There are thousands of resources on YouTube that can help with practically anything at all. I have a lot of different skills just searching how to… this new year maximize YouTube. YouTube is also a great learning tool because our mind works quite visually also.

 GOOGLE: When in doubt, Google. When you are not in the doubt, Google. Google is an extremely good learning tool. Everything is on Google.

 SOCIAL MEDIA: Since we get to spend a lot of time on social media these days, why not just maximize that time. Apart from entertaining content and all. There are a lot of other great resources on the social media. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and other sites.

Follow your mentors very closely on social media. There is so much you would learn from what they share on social media without even having physical access to them.
I would write a post soon on a list of people I follow on social media that have been of great good to me and how to maximize following a mentor on social media.

There is so much I would like to share but… this post is getting too long and our attention spans seem to be pretty short these days. I hope you found this helpful. If you did, please leave me feedback in the comment section.

Happy New Year once again! Cheers to Growth this year.

I just want to share one of the biggest lessons that I learnt this year. Most of us have recounted amazing times but the truth is that we all had a particular share of pain and disappointment and no doubt some mistakes were made.

This is a major thing I have realized reflecting on the year that I did not properly take time to evaluate through the year, many of us are guilty of this same offence. Our failure to evaluate how each week , each day, each month and quarter was spent. Often times our response when we make a mistake is to try to get over it right? If you are like me, you would opt in for selective amnesia and just try to completely obliterate the memory of the mistake. That method has its pros and cons.

I used to be a big perfectionist. I used the past tense because I hope I am getting better. I always want to be viewed as perfect and without a single blemish. Therefore, whenever I made a single mistake, I would mull over it for days talking to myself over and over about and just unable to let go of it. Plus, I am also a fixer (we fixers like to fix mistakes and redeem our image, you know what I mean set it straight) and the truth about being that way is that you can get super obsessive over your mistakes.

One of the biggest lessons for me was realising that I cannot control every outcome, I cannot fix every situation or make everything right or talk or do my way out of stuff. I learnt that it is really important to choose to take my own forgiveness, which is forgive myself for the mistakes I have made. Also, to receive the forgiveness that people would extend to me. I learnt to just allow things to be and let it go. I decided to take responsibility for my actions and simply take my hands off the wheel and trust God to fix it. God always shows up. I have learnt now to simply just talk to him about it and let him take care of it. In deciding to take responsibility for my actions; I also learnt that I am responsible, that Jesus is now responsible for me and by extension responsible for my mistakes. So I could simply just trust him with it.

The point I am really trying to make is that in a bid to quickly forget or get over my mistakes, we often miss one crucial step. Which is extract the lesson from the mistake. After getting the lesson from the mistake you are now free to let go and completely deliberately forget about it. Usually, the questions to ask are: What can I learn from this? How can I do better? How can I do things differently next time? We need to get the lesson out of every mistake so that we don’t end up repeating the same action next time without even knowing it.

There are people around us that would try to remind us of our mistakes, and would continue to view us as the person that we were or see us through the lenses of our mistakes. You must decide not to allow those kinds of people audience with you no matter how close they are to you. If they cannot choose to forgive you and make attempts to forget how you failed., you may have to create a distance between you and them. At least for some time till you are stronger in your resolve. Retaining constant memory of your mistakes won’t allow you to move forward.
Surround yourself with people and things that encourage you to be better. Personally, I decide to listen to my messages and sermons and find scriptures that talk about the forgiveness I have received and encourages me to move forward. Sometimes, I talk to friend who would encourage me to be better.

Whatever you have to do, do not shut down or give up on yourself. Continue, over and over. No matter how many times you falter, keep on going. Get up and dust yourself up. Continue!

I really hope that you found this article helpful! I look forward to receiving great feedback from you.