I promised to share excerpts from the Leading Ladies Conference. The Conference was really amazing, I had a great time. The conference was organised by a faith-based organisation, Ladies of Delight Foundation.

The conference was divided into three parts: The first two were keynote speeches and then a panel session. I enjoyed both speakers, my favourite session was the last speaker, Dupe Akinsuin. She is someone that I had really learnt from through her community on Facebook, its called the Life’s Builders Network. The daily teaching really helped me to grow a whole lot. It’s a Facebook community that I recommend.

I don’t really have images of the conference yet so I wouldn’t be able to share now.

So here’s a summary:

The first speaker was Falujo Omoseye.

From the first speaker, I learnt that there is a God-design for our lives and this design is the most essential thing on the journey of becoming, that becoming is not a journey of assuming purpose but actually finding out the original plan that God had for our lives.

Self-discovery is okay. So far it leads you to find out who God made you be. God decides our destiny, we don’t make it up by ourselves.

She talked about being inspired by someone and getting stuck on that image and wanting to be exactly that is stopping at a signpost, a signpost is a pointer to your destination, not your destination.

She also shared that our future doesn’t take its bearing based on where we are coming from[ this is something that we have heard before but we also need to get to a place of internalising, where the size of our dreams and the images of our future aren’t based on our background].

It’s so important to follow the Holy Spirit since He knows the way better than we do! And also that we aren’t in competition with anybody  ( even our peers)and although there is a good likelihood of getting pressured because of the things that we are seeing others do! Because we are all on a separate journey even though we may live nearby.

The part that got me was where she talked about this: in the journey of life, there are no elevators only stairs [ which basically means for me that you have to put in the work and not just expect things to come to us and seek shortcuts but apply the universal principle of diligence].

Here’s my take: Following God’s plan has been something that I have struggled with. I can be quite opinionated and I like drawing out plenty of plans but one thing that has really helped me to trust and follow God is seeing his heart.  Knowing that God loves me and cares about me much more than I care about myself and that even though I have ‘big’ plans God has bigger plans.

Also, the notion that we have about God like He is the person that always negates all the great ideas that we have. A lot of times, the second-guessing that we feel in our doubt and that voice of fears concerning our dreams and purpose isn’t God, its the devil trying to discourage you.

That voice that tells you that your dreams are too big and you are too young for them definitely isn’t God! Joseph was 17 years old or less when God started giving him dreams about his future being a leader of the most powerful nation in the world at the time.

We might not be sure about your purpose or the God-design for you and you might not be sure the path that you are walking on right now is it but talk t God about it.

Don’t be under pressure to find it! Rest!

If you have any questions you can reach me at . I’d be happy to help.

In my next post, I would share what I shared on the panel sessio and what I learnt from other speakers.


Have you ever felt this way? We are at the second half of the year and you have heard a lot about it, particularly how to make it better than the first and how you should write down your goals and start working towards them.

But the truth for you right now is that you don’t even know what your goals and you don’t know where to start from or you now you should have goals but you just can’t get around to executing.

Grow baby, grow! That’s the answer.

There is this common thing that we say, we say we want to be a better version of ourselves. Everyone is saying is that. How many people are actually doing it and committing to growth, committing to being better?

The truth is that a few of us are. Growth is a deliberate something. Growth isn’t something accidental. You don’t have life all figured out or anything like that but you get to understand it better as you grow.

The next question is usually, how do I grow?

Read! Read!

Read books, read blog posts, read magazines, digests etc.! Read!

Use google, get hungry about learning and start using google search to read up. Find out god places to hang out online like entrepreneur, success,  inc and a host of a lot of other amazing sites like Medium, WordPress and any blog that writes about your interests.

Hang out there! Subscribe to their newsletters.

Use social media to your advantage, use as a learning tool and not just something for entertainment & killing time.

There are so many people giving out free content that is really good on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Follow them! Listen to them.

What are area do you grow in? It is spirituals, emotions, relationship, parenting, finance, leadership, career-wise?

Someone is an expert at that and giving out free content on that. Press the follow button. Turn on posts notification and learn away! Make screenshots and meditate and apply!

The other good thing that social media does for you is that it enables you captures images to store up in your mind. Knowing full well that your mind captures images and follows the images that have been feed to it.

It’s really good for you to see people living their dreams, it helps you capture an image of yours, which is likely even better, you also get to see how people behave in your dream. How they talk, live, dress, act and speak etc.

You are in training for your dream without even knowing and it drives you to be better.

Invest I books! It is advisable to own more books than shoes since your book would eventually buy you shoes!  Buy books, photocopy books, borrow books. Read!

There are websites that you find free book downloads like . Take advantage!

Incorporate reading into your daily routine. If reading is really hard for you, try to get audio versions of books that you can actually just play as you go about your day.

Podcasts serve this purpose well, which is a great way to learn on the Go. Don’t just listen to music alone. You can subscribe for apple podcasts or SoundCloud. There are loads of podcasting apps out there, get on one.

Attend conferences: take notes and pay attention.

Preferably don’t sit with your friend or someone that is likely to distract you. It’s not about the notes you take during the conference, you are in an environment of people who also want to grow.

You can meet some of the other attendees and share ideas.

Read your conference notes and your recordings later. Even after the conference has ended, so that you actually remember what you have learnt.

You can check on Eventbrite and even on Instagram for conferences and training happening around you.

The great part is that most of these events are free. All you really have to do is show up ready to learn!

Try this routine for a week! I am absolutely sure you would definitely have more clarity, motivation to hit the next half of the year.

Really looking forward to getting feedback from you! Please like comment and share if you found this helpful! I’d also love to hear other ideas on how we can grow in the next 6 months.

I almost forgot to add this, pay Youtube a visit! Youtube is super entertaining and it houses so many learning resources on any subject you could possibly think of at all. It’s one of my favourite places ever.

One major ‘Do it Afraid’ story in the Bible for me is the story of Esther.


How Esther had to be courageous even if it meant losing her life.

Queen Esther was a young Jewish woman who was married to King Xerxes, a king who practically ruled the entire world at the time.

A terrible plot was made against the Jewish people by one of the king’s high ranking officers to wipe out all the Jewish people on a named date.

Queen Esther handy revealed her identity has been Jewish in the palace, so she was going to be spared in the killings.

Her first response was to hide and feign ignorance of the decree that had been made understandably so because was scared of being killed also.

However, her older cousin, Mordecai called her out and told her she had to do something.

She decided she was going to appeal to the king, but, the King had a rule that forbade people from coming to see him unless he requested their presence. The consequence for showing up uncalled for was death.

I think Esther had a pretty good reason to be scared. I mean who wants to die? But on the other hand was pleasure was there in living knowing that your entire race is wiped out?

She had all the good reasons not to do anything. but she decides that ‘if I die, then I die!’That was courage in the face of fear.

She took the courage and went to meet the King, guess what? ( you already know what happened). He allowed her to live! He also ordered that the person who plotted to killed them be killed with his entire family.

She was able to save the lives of thousands of people.

Her courage paid off.

Courageous people are not the ones who didn’t face fear, they are the ones that act in-spite of it.

God knew at such a time was going to come for the Jewish people and for such a time he planted a young girl, Esther.

In the same way, a lot of lives hinge on our becoming who we are meant to be.

There are so many people who have inspired and affected your life by the amazing things they have done, imagine if they didn’t do?

Many of the things that we freely enjoy today, some people fought hard that we would have those benefits

. Imagine if they didn’t.

That is one of the reasons why we cannot allow fear to hold us back from becoming who we were meant to be.

We are where we are at right now and we are to become who we are supposed to be for the sake of a lot of people.

We are here to be a blessing to our World and God has equipped us with all that we need to become.

It would take courage to fulfill our potential, to rise above fear.

Courage once again is not the absence of fear.

You might not be in a Persian Palace but God planted you here on earth for a purpose and that purpose doesn’t revolve around you alone. It is the people you have been called to serve.

We might not necessarily have to be an Esther in the something something BC and your entire race isn’t going to be wiped out because of you.

There may be no daunting task in front of you right now but it takes a lot of courage to become. A courage to rise above mediocrity, the courage to decide not to be average. The courage to pursue your dreams. The reason why a lot of people never become is that they are not courageous. Being ordinary isn’t hard at all.

Today, take the courage to dig out buried dreams. Take the courage to allow yourself to dream again although the fear of being disappointed might be looming. Take the courage to decide to live unselfishly to find ways to use your gifts to serve your community.

Take the courage to find out your gifts and to find your talents while others are only scheming the surface of their abilities and playing it safe. Tak the courage to do what is unconventional and what every other person isn’t doing.

Take courage. The mistake is that sometimes we think courage is that extraordinary thing we do, courage is something for the heroic people. No! David learned to do the small things before the big things. He learned to kill bears before Goliaths. Courage is in the small daily feats as simple as getting out of bed, picking up that book, writing that letter…

Take courage.

What’s your life purpose? Or maybe it should be phrased differently do you think your life has a purpose? The entire idea of life’s purpose implies that there must be a master plan, yeah, and if there is a master plan, then a master planner, God.

Although you might conclude that there isn’t a purpose for life and all but the truth is you get up every morning and engage in different activities all day long all in pursuit of something; in pursuit of meaning.

Every day we seek for meaning to our lives every day. There are some human needs that are essential, such as the need for food, sleep, water and shelter but psychologists also discovered the need to be important and appreciated is inherent in every human person. The need to be important, “ to feel like we are something” drive many of the things we do. Nobody wants to be a nobody! Or lemme ask are you a nobody? Even the most seemingly indifferent people around us desire importance and meaning.

I must tell you whether you believe it or not. You were made for a life of deep meaning of purpose.

Everyone is trying to fit a certain mould. Even weird people are weird because they want to fit in with weird people and have a sense of belonging and meaning.

The way we define purpose and meaning is different for each individual. What gives my life meaning might mean nothing to you. For example, I feel ecstatic when I do something charitable and when I am speaking.

We have all been made differently, each of us. I used to try to compare myself to other people around me and I was trying to do the same things they were doing because everyone liked and respected them but I felt super depressed trying to them. I later just realized simply that that wasn’t me. I learnt that I would have to find my own music and rhythm.

Find your music and rhythm. It’s already inside of you.

There is something that has been deposited on your inside.

The journey towards our life’s purpose is not an outward journey to a destination outside of ourselves but an inward journey to actually truly discover who we really are and why you are here.

When you do find it, embrace and grow it. You see these things only come in raw form; it’s left to you to cultivate it, nurture it. See it as a seed, the environment of our life would determine whether it’s good soil or bad soil. Water it, tend it and prune it. It has the ability to form one slender stem to a huge tree and then an entire orchard.

Your life has meaning, your life has a purpose. Don’t just jump on the moving train of all the things happening around you, focus more or finding what gives you meaning.

What do you do that gives you so much joy to do?  Sometimes those moments come to us and we just completely miss them because our lives are too noisy we can’t hear the beating inside of us.

Your life has meaning, I would continue in the next post…

Hey, have you seen coco? The animation movie. Even if you aren’t a big fan of animation I strongly recommend that you see the movie. It was awesome and it’s a heartwarming story. I want to share some of the lessons I learnt on living your dreams from the movie with you.

Coco is basically the story of a boy who is a part of a loving and amazing family but they hate music and strongly forbid any of their family members from singing or any other musical activity but this young boy, Miguel couldn’t help himself, he actually wanted  to be a musician which was like a big family taboo, in his journey to exploring music against the odds, he found himself at the land of the dead, where he meets his dead relatives, braved through a lot of challenges which included possibly losing his life, but was later able to get his family’s blessing to be a musician and restore music to the family.

One of the things I learn from his pursuit of music is that he didn’t allow himself to be caged by stereotypes of what he could do and what he couldn’t do but he was ready to go against the norms and traditions.

A lot of times we often choose the path of least resistance because we don’t want to offend anyone or face any confrontation. So we just do what we are told to do and we silence what we are truly passionate about or what our heart is really telling us to do.

A lot of times we fail to answer questions, why can’t I do this? We just accept it because we don’t want to offend anyone.

The people that love us are sometimes afraid that we might fail and the sting of failure may hurt us really bad, so they try to shield us from failing. Failure might hurt but when we fail, we get back up again and we have learnt a way that doesn’t work.

Sometimes people are trying to protect us because they love us, but this can lead us being shielded from our real self. It might prevent us from sharing the amazing gift that we have with the world.

Another thing I saw was that our lives cannot be based on the history of other people, what happened to some person in the past, in the movie, his family prevented him from being a musician because they felt it might change him just the same way it changed his great-grandfather. Can you imagine? Hinging your life base on what happened to someone like 100 years ago.

That’s the past! Even if it happened last week, your life would not be determined by the determined by what happened in someone else’s life. It is okay that you learn from it.

I also realised that sometimes we allow ourselves to punished for the mistakes that other people made, the mistakes that our elder siblings, uncle, aunty, cousin etc. made. We allow our lives to be lived under that shadow. It was their mistake, not yours!

The journey to finding our true selves would require courage at one point or the other. We must decide to be courageous, to follow our hearts and to challenge the norms whenever we have to. Don’t lock away your true self just to satisfy someone else’s wishes.

 I  also learnt from that in a bid to achieve our dreams, we must be willing to give it everything that it takes. However, some people take it too far. In the movie, one of the main characters became the most famous musician of all time by killing his friend in order to be able to steal his songs since his friend was no longer interested in music.

In this journey to becoming successful, we must develop our values along the way, we don’t develop those values on the day in the eye of the storm, we must develop our values and the compromises that we can’t make on the journey to our becoming because life may present us with so many options.

Have you seen the movie also ?  what did it speak to you about? Basically this is a summary of what I learnt.


April, it is hard to believe that a new quarter of the year is on us again.

The first 3 months of 2018 is gone already. It is time to do a review.  One major thing I learnt last year was to ensure that I review the year, that I review how I spent my time.  Don’t just get into the next quarter without looking bad at the last one.

I’d like you to take some time out to think about the last three months. Celebrate its win and understand its loses. Review how you spent your time, the places you went to and the things you did. Time is the gift you have to fulfil your assignment.

  •  Remind yourself of your vision: Ask the question, ‘how is this bringing me closer to the vision I carry in my heart for my life?’ If the activities that you have engaged in the last three month haven’t moved you forward you need to change those activities. It is not only about being busy is it about being productive. One important thing to learn would be how to say no. No to the things that are waste of your time and your resources although someone might get offended if you say no.


  • Review your relationships: What are the relationships you have kept and the ones that you have lost and the ones you are building. Ask the questions of why and find out how they have helped you or hindered you. You are an average of the people that you hang out with, so be deliberate about who gets into your space and who influences you. This quarter plan to build new alliances that would strengthen you. Make a resolution to be a blessing to the people you are surrounded by also.


  •   Review your process: If you have experienced success in the last 3 months, document the process that got you there so that you can sustain it. If you have failed, find out why and make the necessary adjustments. Learn from past mistakes but don’t allow it to stop you. You are a phoenix you can burn to ashes and wake up new. That’s why there is a resurrection.
  • Round up your excuses: The reasons you have given yourself for not maximising who you are or taking necessary steps. Make a list. Whatever those excuses are: lack of funds, resources and relationships, zero or little confidence, your location, the fear of what people would think about you, lack of opportunities and training. Round up those excuses and begin to find answers and solutions to all of those excuses. If you need funding, find a way to raise funds or start with what you have, you need a certification, go get one. Whatever those excuses are get rid of them.


  • Plan the next three months. What do you want to do in the next three month and what are those activities that can get you there.

Write it down and place it somewhere you can clearly see it.

You don’t need to write down a thousand things, choose one thing you want to do this next three months. Choose something that pushes and challenges you.

  • Face your fears: Don’t allow fear to determine how far you can go. You see most of our fears are only holograms. They appear to be real, they have a face and a voice but there is no substance to them.

You certainly do not want your epitaph to read, “here lies a man who played small all through his life because he was scared”. Take risks.

  • Choose growth: Whatever you do choose to become a better person and be intentional about it. Common ways of achieving growth include reading books, take training, attend seminars, webinars, join communities of like minds. The stretching happens when you decide to get on the road and try.


  • Give back: Serve the people around you with the gifts that you carry. Teach what you know. Help everything that you can. Remember it is not only about you. Those who think about themselves alone don’t go far.

A goldmine you might be overlooking: Facebook.

You’ve probably heard that Facebook is for the old people. The mummies and daddies plus your aunties and uncles and your village people.  That’s why I left Facebook for several years and then migrated to Instagram( although the older generation is warming up to Instagram now, my mum is now on IG).

Instagram is a highly visually driven platform, so your visuals and captions have to be 100%. It is a place that actually showcases all kinds of millennial from the entertainment lovers to public speakers to firebrands and sex lovers etc. That’s the gist for another day because it’s important to recognize what part of the millennial demographics that you are a part of.

Personally which do you prefer Instagram or Facebook? I hated Facebook so much that I actually disabled my Facebook account because I didn’t like what I was seeing on it. I believe that we become what we see. However, now open my Facebook account several times a day, what changed?

I really love two things being able to receive value and being able to give value. By way of principle, anything that isn’t adding value to me is generally not welcome! That’s why I had to get off facebook, my timeline was the opposite of value. People posting poor quality pictures and terrible captions that added no value whatsoever. We become what we see so that’s why it is pretty important to be looking at the right things because our mind follows images.

I have been able to glean a whole lot from Instagram because I chose it to be majorly a learning experience. You might already be doing that but you can get more deliberate about what you are staring at. What I decided to do was to keep the right images in front of me. I sought for people who are already doing what I desire to do so that as I scroll through my timeline like many of us do several times a day. I get the mental reminder and permission to be great.

Think about one person around you and you would realise that the pattern is real. For example, a ‘Bola’ that spends all days looking at celebrities and watching keeping up with the Kardashians (honestly, I strongly do not recommend that show to anyone unless you are trying to become a reality TV star). Most likely Bola would want to be in a reality TV actress and a slay mama ( not like there is anything wrong with that, but we just need a healthy balance of those things put together). We look like the people we spend time looking at.

Apart from that, we get generally aware of the things that we are paying attention to. For example, you talk about a certain kind of wristwatch and all of a sudden you start seeing everywhere. Not like it wasn’t there before you just became aware of it so you started recognizing it.

So back to Facebook, I created a new Facebook account because I want to be able to get in touch with some people. In my opinion, you can learn a lot of things from people without meeting them personally. So when I find someone that is doing that I am want to do. I stalk them to the ends of the earth; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Vimeo everywhere. Some mentors are more active on Facebook than on Instagram. Facebook allows for a number of features that Instagram does not such as lengthier videos, text, audio broadcasts and large learning groups.

You might be really surprised how much content you can find about any subject of interest on Facebook particularly videos.

The goldmine on Facebook you might be missing out on is Facebook groups. Don’t be isolated. A lot of us are trying to do stuff and we are going to the trial and error figure it out on my own route. Being a millennial, staying consistent with a start-up, following your dreams can be hard. Many days it might feel like a lonely walk in the dark but it doesn’t have to be. There is an entire community of people on Facebook sharing valuable information daily on that subject. All you need to do is go on Facebook and search a group around that interest.

I have been able to learn a lot using Facebook groups. Also, they share a lot of opportunities for events, travel, funding, and training that you would get to know about if you join those communities. There are a number of groups I recommend that I am a member of :

Life by Design with Naomi ,  The Life Builders Network,  Online Entrepreneurs and Publishers Network, SmartBcamp, The Total Makeover Program:

And of course feel free to join my Facebook community here.

I hope you found this helpful.


Hi, I am trying to get the best out of 2018.

I hope you are trying to do the same. Myles Munroe is an extremely profound teacher I decided to soak into some of his resources. I recently listened to the audio titled Redeeming the Time. I’d share the nuggets here:

I got a really better understanding of time listening to Myles Munroe’s talk about time.

Time is the only resource, the only gift that every human being has in common.

Whether you are Rich or poor everyone has the same 24hours per day. Our life is measured in time.

Your life is a product of how you used your time. Look at where you are at right now, it is directly proportional to how you used your time.

Time is what translates into income. Time is what translates to failure or success.

In other to change your life, you have to be deliberate about how you use your time.

Review your day. What are the activities that you do on a day to day basis? What are the things you spend time on? We would have more productive days if every day we planned exactly what we want to do with our time.

There is a vision for your life and there are goals towards it. Everything you choose to spend your time on must be bringing you closer to that vision for your life anything that doesn’t is a waste of time.

Review your associations, review your activities. What are those things you are involved in that are not taking you closer to your vision? You have to cut them off. Don’t be sentimental about it.

Time is what you have to give to people, therefore you mustn’t allow people to use your time anyhow. Some people just simply want to waste your time, give no room to them.

There are certain activities that do not move us forward like indulging in watching long hours of television, magazines, social media. Allot time for all these activities but ensure they are moving you forward also.

No time needs to be wasted. The time spent in transit can be used to read books and articles on the internet. Articles that would move you forward of course! Instead of Whatsapp or Instagram when you are bored, instead choose Chrome or Adobe Reader. These kinds of activities make your time more valuable.

The internet keeps finding ways for us to waste our time and more spend more time on it e.g Whatsapp statuses. You might decide exactly how much time it is you want to dedicate to minding what exactly goes on the lives and minds of the people on your social media lists.

If you don’t deliberately decide what you want to use your time for, the world would find plenty of things for you to do. Not every good activity is for you.

Sometimes we put things forward thinking we have a lot of time, we don’t! We don’t have as much time as we think we do. So what you have to do, do it NOW.

Also, there is a time appointed to every activity on earth. So there is the best time to do everything. Strike while the iron is hot.

Commit to spending your time better. At the end of this year where you are at and what you have would be a result of how you’ve spent your time.

The best way to increase your time is to spend it helping to do good things for others and not only for yourself. We are called to live selflessly not selfishly.


Recently, self-love has been something that we have come to profess a lot. Hashtag self-love trends a lot, especially for a really good looking selfie. Self-love is not just a hashtag. it is something that we should live out on a day to day basis. Something that we truly believe to the core of our person.

One of the things I discovered about myself was that although I professed self-love on the outside. I did not necessarily truly love myself. One of the things I believe that self-love truly stands for a commitment to becoming the best version of yourself possible and it won’t happen by merely wishing that you do or just saying it, you would have to match it with actions.

A commitment to developing yourself is something that you owe to you. You must constantly strive to become the best version of you possible. Make a valuable investment in yourself. Today, I went out to get a book because I really needed it for something urgent but I ended buying a couple of other books and I felt like I was spending more money than I planned, the thought I had at that moment was that if I had to buy a new dress and a new pair of jeans or a food’ wouldn’t I mind spending that much.

You are your most valuable asset. While looking good is a good thing, the content of our person would make us more appealing to people than our outward appearance. I know a number of people that don’t look so good on the outside but I am super drawn to them because of the value that they add.
Be tenacious about what you do to become a better you. That’s the best way to express self-love towards yourself.

When you add value to yourself you become a person of value. I once heard and I have seen that money and resources flow in the direction of value.
Olamidotun Votu-Obada : Securing your finances.

Set your finance goals. It is not too early to start. Don’t eat with all your fingers. Save some money and make some investments with your money also. Use technology for your finance e.g Piggy Bank NG, reach app.

Some myths about money:

·        Money is everything. No money is not everything. What you have in your hands is everything. What can do with your hands and your mind that’s everything.

·        Money comes on a platter of gold. Money  doesn’t come on a platter , it comes on a platter of work. Run away from quick money schemes.

Be a self starter. What are you trading for tomorrow? You have to be making some sacrifices today for the tomorrow you want to have. It won’t just fall on your laps. The greatest thing that you will have to  expend in achieving your dreams is YOU.
Nobody is going to trust you with millions of naira if you can’t effectively  handle thousands.

Loads of people attend conferences. How do you set yourself apart  from that number since it appears a lot of people have the same knowledge  that you do? The truth is that  only 10% would make sure of the things that they learnt at the conference.