Hi!  I am super excited you decided to read my blogpost. Without you I would  begin to think I am gradually going nuts, you know talking ( writing) to myself and all continously.
 Okay, so I have been struggling a lot with proscratination lately, like I promise myself, ife, just write one article a week, but no, all the writing goes on in my head. I have written volumes upon volumes of encyclopedias in my mind. So hopefully I get over that soon because I have been learning a lot about self limiting habits and I have been able to identify that procrastination and generally laziness are some of mine. Maybe I’d write about that extensively some other time.
So my last post was about not playing dead especially when it comes to leadership( particularly political) matters and issues around us. Well,  in the last few weeks, okay, say two weeks, no one seems interested in  laying dead anymore. We all want to blow whistle . 

The other day I was asking my sister if I stood a chance I earning a lot if I alerted EFCC about a senator’s house in my neighbourhood because there is a likelihood, he is keeping some dangerous cash at home yeah? Then the next question were : where do I get EFCC’s official phone numbers from? They have a website, I would check later. But of course, the discussion was on a lighter note but I don’t mind coming across  some good money sha like 5% of a billion dollars.

I got a couple of questions after the last post like how can we participate and stuff, you’ve said don’t just sit there like you are dead, so what next? Our efforts may be too “minute to make a difference” and on and on.  I think based on how things are  its not wrong to think about things that way on the surface but we can’t just leave it that way.

So the question is how?
Like I wrote in my last post, social media now gives every individual a voice and a chance to influence popular opinion just that I think we just often choose to misdirect that energy into things that ‘ don’t affect the price of fish in our market’ ( like my church people would say).  For example, BBnaija, I heard that over 11 million people voted right and beyond people that didn’t vote, a lot of people foolowed very closely and enmthusiastically, that’s great! I personally did not watch or follow it but well I heard things here and there like Kemen-Tboss episode, Efe winning, Bisola, the talented somebory and the married Tin Tall Tony, the person that was alleged to be denying his marriage and who else sef? Oh yes, Gifty the so called “ liar”. I didnt even watch the show but I got to hear about all this because the information is flying everywhere and in everything once you turn that phone or tv on.
I think we should put that same energy and enthusiasm into governance, it’s not a call to become a politician or something like that, but polling our voices together as the electorate, coming to that place where the views of the electorate actually counts and that place where every individual takes a collective decision to make our country a better place even from simple decisions not to litter the ground.

Lastly I’d also want to add that we cannot see or experience any real change in Nigeria if we keep recycling leaders. If we have the same political party rule for decades and decades. So it may be a decision to support younger people as they vie for public offices even if they are not from very known political parties.
Lastly( final close I promise), its not about issues going on locally and stuff but trying to also stay abreast of issues beyond our shores. I am sure there are so many people who know next to nothing about North Korea’s nuclear missile testing and the likelihood of  a world war III brewing ( well less likely possibility sha). The point is know a lot more than entertainment and participate.

Thank you so much for reading, I look forward to getting feedback from you.


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