Every year we say, we say HAPPY NEW YEAR, but the truth is that we are the ones that are going to decide whether it is going to be a happy new year or not.
It is our decision to make.

At the beginning of every year, prophecies are given about the truth but the truth is that a lot of people never live in the reality of those prophecies. I have lived through years when amazing things were said at the beginning of the year and honestly the year just went by like that and nothing really happened.

Many times we go through life unconsciously, like just doing the routine, sleeping, waking up, going to church, work and classes without really any measure of deliberateness about our approach. 

We need to get deliberate about how we live. Our goals and our aspirations.

The truth lies in that many of us don’t even have goals at all. This isn’t a call to have life all figured out or to have pristine and precisely plans but rather to get conscious about how we live. To want something from life and to pursue that thing, to live deliberately towards that aim.

From time to time as we get more knowledge and exposure, what we want we would change. We would dream bigger dreams and sometimes aspire to something completely different from the path that we were on before because now we have a better understanding.

A new year is starting let’s ask the questions of What do I want this new year? it’s okay to actually be at a place where you don’t know exactly what you want, but the truth is there must be something you want, whether it is to do better financially, a new job, new relationships, to migrate etc. Everyone wants something.

The next question would be what can I do differently in the coming year. Many times we are able to point out what we desire, the question we often do not ask is the how to do it?

A particular month I wrote that I wanted to get a particular sum of money that was quite huge. So yes, I had a goal, but the question was I didn’t write down how I intended to do this, neither did I constantly go back to my goals to review them and remind myself. So at the end of the month, it was no surprise I wasn’t able to.

All the new and better things that we intend for ourselves, would not just show up on a platter of gold.A new job ould requires new and improved skills, so would new relationships require work and improvement of our character, self-confidence, coming out of our shell and so on.

We must be ready to commit to improving ourselves, becoming the best version of us that how the new year is going to be new and awesome. the preparation doesn’t start in January, the preparation starts now. 

Let’s commit the few weeks left this year to learning and learning. It would less time scrolling on your timeline and more like googling stuff and reading books but it would be worth the while.

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