The secret of leadership is PEOPLE.

Everything that you would ever learn about leadership has to do with people. Even as much as it is about people, sometimes we are so quick to forget that. We make it about positions, titles and names. Other times, although with good intentions we make it about the task or objective to be accomplished that we forget that people are the most pivotal aspect of that plan.

Leadership is about people. A lot of times we might not feel like we are leaders because we haven’t been assigned a role or maybe the role we were assigned seemed so minute and the people on our team aren’t more than two and they don’t even look like it.

There are several things involved, we would have to realise that many times the people that come to us do not appear to be very made from the beginning. We have to come to realise that leaders are people builders.

The biggest investments that we would ever make in our lives wouldn’t be stocks, shares, bonds or oil companies or billion dollar companies, the biggest investments would be in people.

Our biggest investment would lie in our ability to build people up, to help others grow and become better versions of themselves.

Sometimes this might appear funny and we get to a place where we are thinking that we aren’t even made or built up ourselves, how would we build others since we need a lot of works ourselves. The truth is that we all have something to give, we all have something to contribute if only we would be able to look past our insecurities and realise no matter how achievements compare to those of others, we have achieved something and we should be willing to help others get to that place also.

The very interesting thig about this is also that we get to grow a lot also while we are on the process of growing and building up others because its makes us more conscious and drives us to learning more and it’s a place to also review the things that we know.

Sometimes it is accompanied with the fear that people would invest in would not be willing to give back and serve the organization or the objectives but rather turn and leave.

We cannot absolutely determine or be in control of the actions and the decisions of others and we must be willing to constantly take a chance on people although there is a place where we have a good estimation and can likely predict which actions people are predisposed to take.

This the catch: We would definitely reap what we sow (invest), but the guarantee isn’t that we would reap it where we sowed (gave). This for me means that the people I invest in may not necessarily be the ones that pay back the investment but it definitely would be perhaps by a different set of people.

Beyond that, there is this pure joy attached to being able to do something nice for others. We don’t have to absolutely motivated by the hopes of getting back.

Here’s another thought: having a lot of people that we lead does a lot to serve our ego and the small numbers can be discouraging and also bear a negative effect on our view of ourselves as leaders but what I also see it as is a testing and a training ground. We must all learn to address our audience of two sitting on the floor in a small dark room as though we were in a stadium packed with thousands of people. We must learn to get our best and invest in people no matter how few they are, that’s where our leadership skills are being tested and groomed.

Here’s the interesting thing because of social media every one of us is leading as few as two people or many as a million. We all have access to thousands (actually millions) of people around the world via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube that we have the ability as well as a platform to influence.

We just have to make a resolve to give more than we take from this world and to make a positive impact on the people around us.

Although, it might seem like no one is listening at first, eventually you would build that influence. Just keep doing it. Success and impact isn’t all about the numbers alone. Also, find ways and tools to amplify your voice by learning about how best the platform you are using works e.g. tools like SEO, SEM and all.


I’m Ife, I am the Pathfinder, I am committed to living a truly abundant and fulfilling life. I would love to help you do the same by helping you find your path. My name means Love. I am a Jesus, lover and follower.

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    Good read.
    Thanks for sharing your thought on this sensitive issue.

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