Last month I had this amazing privilege of having lunch with someone I really look up to , Olori Ajayi. I think I’d start by talking about the law of attraction, I have heard about it but honestly I haven’t really paid any attention to it, just yesterday when Edirin Edewor mentioned in her audio broadcast, I found it to be true, and that it had been working for me for a while I just didn’t pay attention. 

The general idea is that if you want something so bad the universe is not going to have any other option but to bring that thing to you. It’s true. That’s exactly how I found myself having lunch with her.

 Olori Ajayi is one of the women that I really look up to and I stalk all over social media, I remember even going to Youtube to search for if she has any content put up there so I can also feed on it. She is a fashionpreneur and I like her so much because she is pragmatic person and actually get things done and works really hard. I really desired to meet her, I had seen her like twice at church and the thing is I am not really good at walking up to people and introducing myself etc ( that’s a complex I have to get rid of though)then also there were like loads of people around her. 
 I prayed that God would bring create an opportunity for me to meet her.  For the time being I settled that I would be mentored by her from away(I am of the opinion there is a difference between a mentor and a coach, a mentor is not someone you have to know personally but a coach is someone who you have personal access to and actually follows you through the process).
Then one day I saw it on her page on instagram (@oloriboye loads of great stuff happening on her page, you should follow her page) that for her birthday they would be 4 slots for  mentees to have lunch with her. I just walked past because I thought well, there would be loads of people trying to get that spot. She can’t possibly choose me.

Honestly I must say that pattern of thinking is very negative and unhealthy, because a part of me felt like I wasn’t good enough or deserving. I can’t go far thinking that way, you can’t either if you think that way about yourself. Through the person that you are in Christ you are enough you must know and believe that. 

Does this cross out the room for self improvement ? No, it doesn’t! Keep growing and developing yourself. Your personal development is your own responsibility nobody else’s but Its really important that you believe right about yourself.
To shorten the story I eventually decided that I would try anyway (that was a week later though). Guess what ?? I was picked. The point of this long talk is that don’t doubt yourself. There is no harm in trying. If the answer is No. you would try again next time or try again else where but please give it a try first. You any be doubting yourself ( I still do that) but in spite of the fear and the doubt still try.

The second thing is about the law of attraction, if you deire something long enough it would happen. Everyday I earnestly desired that I would have an opportunity to meet her, I talked with my friends about her almost everyday,  followed her tenaciously, I talked to God about it and it finally happened! 
That’s not the only thing the law of attraction has worked for me countless times. For example, I started saying I wanted to write a book, in the few weeks, just surfing on instagram led me to the profile of a really successful author @edirinedewor and I was able to have a short conversation and I felt really encouraged to start out on my book.

What do you want so badly?? Talk to God about it, talk to yourself about it, talk to your friends about it, put it in your face all the time it would come to you!
I really look forward to reading your responses, please comment if this blessed you.

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