So  i know i haven’t been pretty consistent putting up posts and all but today i got fired up. I tend to procrastinate a lot and say oh of course i would get it done later and mostly i eventually do not. we all shouldn’t be that way, you know! quite a lot of do procrastinate and before we know it time just tends to slip by and well time is quite unforgiving, she ain’t gonna go back for you ( this actually reminds me of yet another piece that i have been trying to write about time, another fruit of procrastination).  
                                          We all know how social media gives us the opportunity to now sermonize everyone, like everyone is dolling out words of wisdom from everywhere, for example, Whatsapp statuses, Facebook, Instagram posts and all. I  think we should all start by taking our own advice first sef. i can imagine how much more better the world would be if people just followed the advice they gave others on social media.
                          So as not to digress from the main point too much. a lot of us think our lives are ahead of us because we are in our twenties or teenage years and also because we can take cover under the shield of being an undergraduate. Time is quite unforgiving she wont wait for any of us, whatever we want to start, we should start now, however little, regardless of the doubt in our heads and hearts.


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