Olamidotun Votu-Obada : Securing your finances.

Set your finance goals. It is not too early to start. Don’t eat with all your fingers. Save some money and make some investments with your money also. Use technology for your finance e.g Piggy Bank NG, reach app.

Some myths about money:

·        Money is everything. No money is not everything. What you have in your hands is everything. What can do with your hands and your mind that’s everything.

·        Money comes on a platter of gold. Money  doesn’t come on a platter , it comes on a platter of work. Run away from quick money schemes.

Be a self starter. What are you trading for tomorrow? You have to be making some sacrifices today for the tomorrow you want to have. It won’t just fall on your laps. The greatest thing that you will have to  expend in achieving your dreams is YOU.
Nobody is going to trust you with millions of naira if you can’t effectively  handle thousands.

Loads of people attend conferences. How do you set yourself apart  from that number since it appears a lot of people have the same knowledge  that you do? The truth is that  only 10% would make sure of the things that they learnt at the conference.

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