Early last month, I had this really interesting experience that I thought would be great to share. I was in a bus in the most uncomfortable conditions, the day had been as stressful as you can possibly think and I was going quite a distance from the places where I was pretty familiar with, so it wasn’t a journey that I was really excited about. I was taking one of Lagos typical yellow buses “danfo/molue’’ and then it started raining heavily it was terrible. The water was just dripping on us like we were right in the rain not even in a bus and people tried to complain severally to the conductor to try to do something about it, but he wouldn’t respond. He didn’t care one bit. So you can imagine the noise that rent the hair and the commotion everywhere. I myself I had gotten super angry actually but I dint think complaining was going to help so I just boiled silently.
                                                  Then a man stood up and stared singing. The noise actually continued. But he persisted with his singing. I noticed that gradually the background noise dimmed out. I was forced to look up and there was this man singing. He didn’t look wealthy, he didn’t look comfortable. His clothes were pretty drab and not expensive looking or anything but the smile on his face as he sang was divine. I had to just drop my phone ( not just drop it but carefully keep it because I didn’t want it stolen either) and watch him for the next 30 minutes. I just had to join the song, everyone in the bus had joined. As I looked around it wasn’t only me that had been enraptured by the man’s singing but everyone in the bus, this was a bus that had all kinds of people in it or had a couple of minutes ago just rained a torrent of curses and abuses on the driver. People who weren’t naturally the type to be inclined towards religion.

                                                   Bus preachers are not an uncommon phenomenon but people rarely pay attention. I  don’t pay much attention either once I see someone doing that I was zone out and look the other way. There was something different  and it wasn’t this man’s voice, looks or his message. It was the joy he radiated  and the broad smile he was  wearing. His joy and the hope it carried with it was really soothing.

                                                   The experience really made my day and it made me wan to be that kind of person that radiates that infectious joy to people around me. Its not a joy we can fake. I want to light up my world and everyone room I step into.  I have called to be light. How about you?


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