Happy new month, it’s really hard to believe that 2017 is almost over. It’s like yesterday that we said the happy new years! Really time doesn’t wait for anyone.

                                 Earlier this year, I remember listening to a Myles Munroe message about time, about redeeming the time and being productive in the use of time because every individual has a countdown including the universe itself. I remember the day after listening to that I took my time more seriously but it just looks like as the days went by I gradually forgot my commitment to make the best use of my time.

                                     Basically right now it’s like 8 weeks to the end of 2017. I don’t think I have been able to do everything I hoped I would do this year. A lot of projects still pending, but I am grateful for the thing God has enabled me to do.

                            Right now thinking about the fact that the year is about to end we may be a mixture of different feelings, and maybe the feeling that not enough has been done but I believe how to move forward is by being thankful for the things that have been accomplished already.

                                         On the other hand  lot can happen in 8 weeks, I think a good way to start the month would be to first ask questions from God ( what would you have me do this month) and put down our plans and goals for the month and just put them somewhere we can see them often to remind us.

                             Personally, I am thinking of making a vision board where I would just put my goals into pictures and hang it up and look at it every day.

Sometimes the odd thing about goal setting is not even knowing which goals you want to set exactly or which aspirations to have. It happens to me a lot. Well, what I just do is set a goal for personal development then. Like a conference to attend or a book to read or some training to participate in. From that point, it’s just easier to figure out the rest.

             I wish you a super productive month.

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