Its a few weeks to my 21st  birthday and I must admit that I am feeling a  certain unrest.  The last few days  I have been  just focused on all the things that haven’t been working and all the things that I am yet to achieve on the other hand i have also learnt to look back and be grateful for  all the amazing things that God has given me the strength to brave through. 

I believe strongly that that feeling of negativity  i was feeling came from comparing myself to other people. Comparison is in deed a greatest thief of joy. I kept looking around to what other people have been up to and it just made me feel like I wasn’t enough or I hadn’t done enough. the truth that I saw in this was many of the people I was comparing myself to, we weren’t on the same level, I haven’t had the experiences or put in the work and the time that they had so why was I comparing myself? Life is a process and I should allow that process  also.

There is a great side to this  feeling of uneasiness, the hunger for more and to be much more because in life we would always need that push to stretch ourselves  to the next level. There is a big danger of getting attached to a certain comfort zone. I have learnt the comfort zone is a very beautiful place where nothing beautiful grows from.

The other thing I learnt to do was to be deliberate about thinking about the past and the plenty things to be grateful to God even all the bad stuff because I have seen God stay true to his promises to make everything work together for good every time.


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