Recently, self-love has been something that we have come to profess a lot. Hashtag self-love trends a lot, especially for a really good looking selfie. Self-love is not just a hashtag. it is something that we should live out on a day to day basis. Something that we truly believe to the core of our person.

One of the things I discovered about myself was that although I professed self-love on the outside. I did not necessarily truly love myself. One of the things I believe that self-love truly stands for a commitment to becoming the best version of yourself possible and it won’t happen by merely wishing that you do or just saying it, you would have to match it with actions.

A commitment to developing yourself is something that you owe to you. You must constantly strive to become the best version of you possible. Make a valuable investment in yourself. Today, I went out to get a book because I really needed it for something urgent but I ended buying a couple of other books and I felt like I was spending more money than I planned, the thought I had at that moment was that if I had to buy a new dress and a new pair of jeans or a food’ wouldn’t I mind spending that much.

You are your most valuable asset. While looking good is a good thing, the content of our person would make us more appealing to people than our outward appearance. I know a number of people that don’t look so good on the outside but I am super drawn to them because of the value that they add.
Be tenacious about what you do to become a better you. That’s the best way to express self-love towards yourself.

When you add value to yourself you become a person of value. I once heard and I have seen that money and resources flow in the direction of value.

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