Hi, so I am a conference junkie and so I spend a lot of time attending conferences and of course, I love to write. So I decided to share some of the lessons I learnt from listening to Kemi Lala Akindoju at the Wimbiz conference in OAU. She talked about turning your passion into a paycheck.

The first thing where turning your passion into a rain check is in getting skilled in what you are passionate about.

 “I went to Terraculture every day because I  knew in my mind that I wanted to be like  the people that went there. I spent hours daily doing research on actors and actresses I had just finished studying Insurance in the University. I would go to the cinema often and watch a movie at least twice because I was learning and observing.”-Kemi Lala

Get skilled by volunteering
People want to know what you have done before ( your work experience) before they begin to pay you for that they do. They are not unfair to ask about your experience. You can gain that experience by volunteering ( which is basically offering to work for free).

In the process of volunteering, you are learning and you are also able to show off what you can do.

Don’t show up with an entitled mentality, that people just have to help you. Instead, show them what you do first.

A  lot of times people say there is no employment, but if you offer to work for free as an intern someone would definitely take you in.

Finding your passion is your personal responsibility, nobody would do it for you. People would only offer you guidelines that can help you with discovering it. One of those helpful questions is what keeps you awake at night? And what thing do you do that gives you so much joy you wouldn’t even mind not being paid for it?

When money is your sole motivation for doing what you do. You are getting into a pit.

Take yourself seriously. People may not take you seriously because you may be in an unconventional profession. The first thing is to take your self seriously, carry yourself that way.

‘’People ask me why I take it so seriously. I tell them it is because this is my bread and my butter. Do you get in the way of a surgeon when he is preparing for surgery? So why should you get in my way?’’

The way you present yourself is important, people would respond to you that way.  It is also important because you are demanding people’s money from them, they want to be able to trust that you’d deliver.

Create the realities you want to see. Don’t present yourself like you are just starting out. Present yourself like you know your onions well. It’s important to study, research and prepare.

You have to return value for the money that people pay you for your service. If you are not returning value for the money they give you. You are an armed robber. You must deliver.

‘’I have performed to a crowd of 1 million and to one person and there was no difference in the quality of the performance”.

Your brain is really fantastic, the reason why you are not just generating results is that you are not tasking it. Have no shame, be ready to put in the work that it requires to get things done.

ATTRACTING A MENTOR: Don’t approach people like you are entitled, there are so many other people trying to get their attention as well.

‘’ When I met  Joke Silva, I asked to please allow me to help her carry her bag everywhere that she goes, I carried her bag on the set of the movie, Phone Swap, I was able to build relationships on set, I became the girl everyone practiced their lines with”.

When you are good at what you do, do not let people exploit you. They should pay well for your services also.


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