Writing the Do it Afraid Book has been a journey that has taken several months. Several months of going through the fear experience also. The fear of what is no one likes my book reads my book or buys my book. Here we are! Almost 12 months later and the book is ready!

The Do It Afraid  Book is a guide to confronting and overcoming the fears that hold us back from living our dreams. We have all faced fears at one point or the other in our journey. Many times our fears are only holograms, they appear to have form and to speak but we put our hands in and find out there is really nothing to our fears.

Sometimes those fears might not go away but we must be reminded that courage loses its definition in the absence of fear.  The goal isn’t to wait for the fear to go away but to act in spite of it.

However not only to act in spite of my fears but also to minimise our fears till there is nothing left of it, by sitting down and analysing why we are scared and facing it instead of being paralysed by it? Are you afraid of being poor? Then confront the fear with an explanation on how you are going to create income and abundance.

In this book, you would also learn how to use your fear as fuel. Using your fears to motivate you to be more. Using your fears to stay consistent and persistent.

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