Hello, I have been away for a while now. I have just been so inconsistent. The last few months have been really Waow for me, loads of different events, failures and victories, we celebrate both all the same. I have so many adventures and stories to share and I hope to be able to do the over the next few months and always. I’d like to hear about your experiences also, feel free to write to me anytime.

                               2017 is coming to an end people, and the question would be what did you do this year? Did life just happen to you? Or did you happen to life? Were you sitting in one place waiting for stuff to come to you. Have the gotten the memo yet? Its not going to fall on your laps. This is not a call to plunge into activity that really helps nobody especially just because you want to be doing something at every cost, that’s not the point oh!

                     If you don’t know what to do or were to start from? Start by developing yourself, make a good investment in yourself. Not neccesarily a new outfit or a new binge ( because that’s what we call self love) .The fact that you are reading this right now probably means that you have got a smart phone and exactly that’s what you need to unlock your future. There are so many resources available on the Internet for you and many are free.

                 There are so many free pdfs and ebooks get one of those, start reading, you don’t expect to move from where you are at now to the next place without gaining more knowledge yeah? Books reset our minds, that’s why we need to read, the reason why your life is the way it is because of the books you haven’t read and all the wrong stuff you have interacted with, you have to rewrite the program guys.

                    Recently, I started this book, secrets of the millionaire mind and what I found was, my life is the exact way it is because of the way I think, nothing else. I discovered that I have a poor thinking pattern, I don’t think like rich people think thats why I am not getting those kinds of results. many of you don’t! Thats why we have to prioritize reading and learning if anything is going to change. So which book are you gonna pick up?

 if you are like me, you’d prolly be able to credit plenty books to you account but you don’t really know how those books have exactly changed your life or you aren’t getting results from it. It means that you prolly didn’t read it right. Its not enough to just run through. Take your time, get a pen and your journal and write out stuff you learnt. Highlight the important stuff.

I think we would continue from here in my next post. I am work in progress too.


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