Have you ever had to shut down?

                                 For me, the answer is yes, I have had to do that a lot of times. Just shut down. I am super crazy about learning and stuff like that. So  I found myself watching every informative live video on Instagram and reading every free e-book I could find. I think I almost lost my mind because that was me being everything and everyone at once and I just didn’t know who to be again because so many options were just staring me in the face.

    That’s why decluttering is a good idea.  I decided wanted to declutter but I was really focused on doing that in my physical surrounding that I forgot most of the real work had happened in my mind space and if I wanted to free up space and get focus and clarity I had to spend less time on social media looking at everything.

                          I just decided to quietly ask myself who I am or just get some sleep or take a long walk talking to God and talking to myself. There is so much on social media jumping at us. I am not talking about the bad stuff but I mean all the educative and informative stuff but we really can’t absorb everything in.

I am currently working on a plan on how to spend less time on social media and more time with myself ad God. Maybe id try a school day with my phone at home.

How are you going to declutter and clear up space in your mind and soul?

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  1. Hey..your blogs looks well set-up.

    Very important to 'declutter' in an age of so much information. Experienced any progress?


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