Someone I consider very profound remarked that this is the best time in the world to have born. At first I  didn’t know whether to believe  it or otherwise, is it? Maybe, it is harder because I am a Nigerian and currently the country is faced with serious economic recession and extremely bad leadership. Maybe that’s why. Maybe if the heartlessness of our leaders didn’t  shock me as much, maybe I would believe it  quite easily. Like why would someone embezzle the funds  set out for  IDPs (internally displaced people) ? Like seriously? Don’t you care about the lives and future of this people and the things they have been through?  Or consider this crude joke that the Nigerian military for about 5 years  haven’t  conquered Boko Haram. Does that mean that Boko has better fire power?  Or that the Chibok girls just went like that ?

 I thought leaders were expected to have a heart for their people? And I go could on and on in my head and ask questions about why a person would bury millions if not billions in a soak-away. is it that if you can’t have it,no one else can? Or that the Nigerian General Assembly now gets to choose who investigates them? ( i just thought of that song, ” speechless, speechless, that’s how you make me feel… ” because that’s how I feel about these things)

                                              Isn’t this what we do all day long, day after day complaining with  and to our friends about how bad our country is and how these people would get away with it. And well, some of us have chosen another posture lets play dead, just ignore whatever happens politically in Nigeria. it seems like a good way to keep our peace of mind you know, who wants to get high blood pressure or get into severe depression because of Nigeria’s problems. Who does?  

                                           So what do we do? Everyone would rather travel to Europe, Asia or even  Ghana. Anywhere we can find, in so far its not Nigeria, its fine. I hope Donald Trump would hang by his words and send you people back home ( ok, I am just joking oh).  Not that relocating is an evil in itself ( its needful sometimes). We all just can’t go.


                                            If we want to see Nigeria better we cannot afford to play dead. perhaps, this is the best time to be born a Nigerian, where and when everyone has a voice through social media. There are  so many social media platforms : Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, twitter, telegram etc. so your voice counts because there are people seeing what you post. It is not okay to play dead when it comes  to these issues. The government exists for the people and not the people for the government. Demand better governance much more participate in it. 

I am wary of very long articles  myself  therefore I  wouldn’t want to write one ( although  I fear that  I have already written one). Researchers have said we appear to have a shorter attention span these day so I  wouldn’t push it. I would continue in my next blog post. Thank you for reading. Drop a comment if you can!


  1. Cool stuff. I think you indeed have a point in that we can be heard and we can demand for a better Nigeria. In addition, I think we can gather more forces through social media, then we can work together to build a better nation. Well done, Ife.

  2. Well said… So many reasons why many play dead. But I think with the current exposure to social media, there has been a lot of speaking out, though not as we expect. When we refuse to speak, we are conforming to their deeds. It will take God and a greater effort on our part to break these pathetic happenings.

  3. Awesome write up Ife.
    I think its about the victimization.
    The ripple effect of this victimization is people playing dead.Audu Maikori of recent thought he was lending a voice, but….
    Also Fela, Magu, Ribadu.
    "…I can guarantee you freedom of speech, but freedom after speech…" – Idi Amin

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