The distance between where we currently are and where we desire to be is the work that needs to be done in between. The work we haven’t done or the work we are in the process of doing!

Dreaming is great! But doing the work actually that your dreams needs, makes dreams come true. Your dreams wouldnt work unless you do.

Last week I shared with my network of how I truly felt on the 1st of August. To be honest, I felt sorta miserable, I couldn’t help thinking about the many unfinished projects that I had and the goals I didn’t set.

As part of my misery project, I decided to stay indoors be totally unproductive and take a long lazy nap. When I woke up, I decided there really wasn’t any point in feeling bad. Instead, I could decide to choose gratitude.

I could decide to change my focus to everything that I was grateful for instead. I could choose to focus on the wins.  Not only that but also choose to be thankful for all the ideas that I had crossed my mind, even though I wasn’t able to execute well.

So here’s what I am doing! I am super thankful! Gratitude is not an emotional thing. I don’t have to feel happy or be in the mood of ‘gratitude’ but I can still say Thank you, God!

Because sometimes wait to be in the mood! There is no need to feel like it. Just start with I am grateful to be alive! I am grateful for friendships! I am grateful because I just ate! Or I am even grateful that I saw that movie!

The other part instead of spending so much time whining about what didn’t work out well why not shift focus to what needs to be done or to other people.

So I got up from my lazy nap picked up my phone and began to send messages checking up on people and following up on projects that they talked with me about.

So the cure is action! Get up already. Stop feeling bad and thinking about how everyone is getting things done and you aren’t!

The next things I am doing is getting the strength to execute. I am praying to receive the strength to execute (it’s not like this crazy rush of strength is going to come but  I can start doing little things like opening up my laptop or picking up a book to read or a journal and its called the compound effect, where little things add up to make up the big stuff).

I also working on understanding my strengths and my weaknesses better. One of which is, I am not the ‘muscle man’, I can try to be but that’s not my forte. I am really great at having ideas, that’s something that is really natural to me. So I need to surround myself with people that are really good at executing.

( I am working on creating an online community that helps people with personal growth, mostly at zero cost it’s called the  Pathfinder Network. I need a lot of help! PS: If you would like to be on my team, please sign up here!)

Having a team is really important, there is a lot you can do as one person but there is a lot more than you can do as a team. This is one of the reasons I haven’t been able to meet my goals. I have been trying to do so much on my own.

So what are you trying to get done? Get a team!

Share a goal, share the vision. Don’t just be primarily centred on what they can help you achieve but also on what you can do for your teammates! And how the collective goal helps everyone on the team.

Stop trying to get everything done on your own.

The big secret to execution is execution! If you want to get something done just do it already!

I love writing down and scribing plans, I have so many journals filled with plans and plans.

Stop planning already and just start getting things done! It doesn’t have to be perfect to be done, it just has to be done to be perfect!

You would perfect it along the way.

You need to make a call, send an email. Just get it done!

One of the main things that stop us is the fear of looking stupid! it doesn’t matter, it’s okay to look stupid sometimes. Attempt that thing that you fear might make you look stupid!

Get things done!


I’m Ife, I am the Pathfinder, I am committed to living a truly abundant and fulfilling life. I would love to help you do the same by helping you find your path. My name means Love. I am a Jesus, lover and follower.

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  1. I found this post very useful. I too do a lot of planning but no action. This has inspired to get on top of things. Thank you.

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