What’s your life purpose? Or maybe it should be phrased differently do you think your life has a purpose? The entire idea of life’s purpose implies that there must be a master plan, yeah, and if there is a master plan, then a master planner, God.

Although you might conclude that there isn’t a purpose for life and all but the truth is you get up every morning and engage in different activities all day long all in pursuit of something; in pursuit of meaning.

Every day we seek for meaning to our lives every day. There are some human needs that are essential, such as the need for food, sleep, water and shelter but psychologists also discovered the need to be important and appreciated is inherent in every human person. The need to be important, “ to feel like we are something” drive many of the things we do. Nobody wants to be a nobody! Or lemme ask are you a nobody? Even the most seemingly indifferent people around us desire importance and meaning.

I must tell you whether you believe it or not. You were made for a life of deep meaning of purpose.

Everyone is trying to fit a certain mould. Even weird people are weird because they want to fit in with weird people and have a sense of belonging and meaning.

The way we define purpose and meaning is different for each individual. What gives my life meaning might mean nothing to you. For example, I feel ecstatic when I do something charitable and when I am speaking.

We have all been made differently, each of us. I used to try to compare myself to other people around me and I was trying to do the same things they were doing because everyone liked and respected them but I felt super depressed trying to them. I later just realized simply that that wasn’t me. I learnt that I would have to find my own music and rhythm.

Find your music and rhythm. It’s already inside of you.

There is something that has been deposited on your inside.

The journey towards our life’s purpose is not an outward journey to a destination outside of ourselves but an inward journey to actually truly discover who we really are and why you are here.

When you do find it, embrace and grow it. You see these things only come in raw form; it’s left to you to cultivate it, nurture it. See it as a seed, the environment of our life would determine whether it’s good soil or bad soil. Water it, tend it and prune it. It has the ability to form one slender stem to a huge tree and then an entire orchard.

Your life has meaning, your life has a purpose. Don’t just jump on the moving train of all the things happening around you, focus more or finding what gives you meaning.

What do you do that gives you so much joy to do?  Sometimes those moments come to us and we just completely miss them because our lives are too noisy we can’t hear the beating inside of us.

Your life has meaning, I would continue in the next post…


I’m Ife, I am the Pathfinder, I am committed to living a truly abundant and fulfilling life. I would love to help you do the same by helping you find your path. My name means Love. I am a Jesus, lover and follower.


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