Hello happy new month.

 How has 2017 been for you?
You know how everyone is happy at the beginning of the new year and celebrating? Its cool! I like new year food and celebrations also. and then we set our goals for the year and stuff. Often times goals that kind of just elude us before the end of January.

 We just starting going with the flow. Too many times let life happen to us instead of us going out there and happening to life. And it’s pretty easy to do that as an undergraduate, so basically your life would just comprise of sleeping, eating and waking up and going to class, doing assignments, attending church services, visiting friends, the club etc. that haphazard pattern and its super easy not to see something wrong with living that way after all you are moving from one level to the next, therefore you don’t look overly under accomplished.

 I think we just need to be more deliberate about our activities and stuff. Doing everything towards achieving a set objective and all. And that doesn’t mean that you have to have the entire future figured out, baby steps in that direction are okay.
I think that the objective that we have set for this year that we are all really stood by is the commitment to ‘peppering our neigbours’, pepper them gang and people are definitely not relenting yet but you know we cannot afford to base our lives on that shey? On proving a point?
For me I think one important objective to set for yourself is to be committed to your growth and personal development. I have heard it being said that education is what school and society in general gives to you and to  everyone else but development is what you do for yourself, its that extra mile and choice that we make.

Be interested in your development, it’s a decision to become a better person at whatever it is that you are. To develop financially, mentally, emotionally, academically, spiritually and at any other skill set that you have.
I think that one of the very good ways of developing ourselves would be by reading books, I like to say that reading is how we install software into our brains. A lot of people don’t read and I wonder why, I think its much easier to read now since everything is in digital form, so you can just easily read on the go and all and I feel like finances can’t be the constraint to reading because they are so many pdfs that you can get5t for free and all.
Anytime, I get in an argument with anyone. The first thing I want to say is lets Google it.  Or I am sure wikipedia has an answer to that. Its not okay to live ignorant and all, even if you can’t read an entire book, just once in a while look something up on the internet. Not just anything but something that adds positive knowledge to you and all.

I think that for ladies we should have as many shoes as many books. We live in the ‘slayage’ age where everyone is busy peppering their neighbor #pepperthemgang. Lets pepper our neigbours by the number of books we’ve read. Maybe a new hashtag like #readasyouslay .

Dang! This is getting too long i would discuss other ways I think we can develop ourselves in my next post. I hope you enjoyed reading, feel free to leave your comments below. I love feedback.


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