Hello! These are just random thoughts flying round in my head today as I prepare for bed. The reality that I am going to be a year older in a few weeks dawns on me. It is not like I am clocking the big 40 or something but it feels huge! The questions for me, is what have you been able to achieve? As I carefully evaluate this, by which parameters do I measure my life? What is my definition of success?

This brings me to some key lessons I learnt from a webinar I participated in last week, it focused on wealth creation. I learnt to:

  • define what wealth means to you,
  • what wealth looks to you and then begin to create those things.
  • In this, it is important to consider the intangible parts of wealth such as family, mental health and happiness.

The foremost thing to me right now as I evaluate my year is how many people have I impacted? Has someone been helped by my existence so far?

This is something I can reflect on and say yes. Many people have been impacted but as I look at the new year, I am hoping and seeking opportunities to impact a lot more people than I have. To me, the most important parameter for measuring success is your impact.

This doesnt mean that money or financial success is not important. Money allows your more choices and option and the capacity to be able to do more impactful things. It cannot do all things but it can do  many things.

This also makes me think about purpose, are you wondering what your purpose in life is? Start out by deciding to serve people and help as many people as possible. One thing I know for certain about purpose is that the reason why we are on earth is not to live for self. So decide to want to add something to the world around you. While at this, remember you can’t do everything, sometimes I forget that and think that I am the superwoman or something similar and I make too many commitments and falter on so many. Remember you can’t help everyone or be a part of everything.

Another thing on my mind is a realization I made one Sunday evening during a walk as I reflected on my life I felt like I wasn’t enough and wasn’t doing enough. I remembered the story of the Chinese Bamboo tree, how the Chinese bamboo tree takes 6 years before it sprouts but grows extremely tall in six weeks after that period. Our current culture believes in seeing the results so quickly_ but these things actually take time, so don’t stop planting, watering and nurturing your dreams and then fall into the trap of giving up because you can’t see the results yet.

Pressure! Pressure! Don’t fall into that trap, Social media makes comparing your life against others so easy and effortless but I’d suggest No! Remember everyone is on a separate journey in life, learn from others and make an honest evaluation but don’t let envy, jealousy and feeling behind become your life-fuel.

Tell yourself the truth, this year I have come face to face with so many flaws, I wish I were perfect_ but I am not! Accept your frailties, work to get better and learn your triggers both the negative and positive. There are so many areas that I need growth and desperate change like constant late coming, forgetting appointment and delayed message replies.

Don’t be afraid to make a U-turn when you realise you have missed it, just switch. Most importantly, talk to God a lot and don’t disconnect, stop being so afraid to make mistakes, my fear of making mistakes made me make worse mistakes than the initial one I was trying to avoid.

Live freely, boldly and happily! God always has your back.


I’m Ife, I am the Pathfinder, I am committed to living a truly abundant and fulfilling life. I would love to help you do the same by helping you find your path. My name means Love. I am a Jesus, lover and follower.


  1. Whoa! This was legit an answer to my prayer. I’ve been wondering what exactly what the definition of “success ” is, which aspect of it really matters-the number of zeros in my bank account, the likes I get on Facebook, the total number of ig followers?…but now I see it’s not really about how many people are following me but how many lives have been impacted in the process.
    Thank you for this Ife Agboola.
    Also I’d love to know your views on “practical ways to make an impact”.

  2. Oni Peter Oluwagbemiga Reply

    the reason why we are on earth is not to live for self. Noted!

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