I have at  some point or the other we have each heard the saying that the grass  is greener on the other side but much more than that, many of us have at some point actually thought so too.

Have you ever being at that point in your life where it just seems like everything is pretty pretty slow and a lot of other amazing things just seem to be happening to the folk at the other side of the yard.

If you have never felt that I have, in fact more than once but quite a lot in recent times. So let’s encourage ourselves. The truth is that times and seasons come to all men, so we each are in different seasons of our lives than the next person.

Even the weather all year long is divided into several seasons. sometimes its hot and dry and sometimes its cold and wet. but every season with its pros and also its cons. 

Social media has made  it extremely easy to live our lives as the copycat of another person’s life. I think before snapchat, whatsapp and instagram stories it was pretty easier and all to just mind your business and stay in your lane but nowadays, its a hell of a tougher choice because other ;people’s day to day running are just in your face.

The truth also is that social media a lot times is not real life, everyone is busy trying to sell themselves the best way they can. The best thing we can do for ourselves is to stay true to ourselves,  so we don’t get on the impossible task of trying to live the life  another person painted on social media. 

Each person is  wired differently and uniquely to be who we are, our backgrounds, our circumstances etc. everything is just tailored for everyone to achieve a different set of goals and everything.

The truth is as a result of social media and everything we may not even come to realize that we are living the life of another. sometimes you’ve got to turn that computer off, turn that phone off and just get quiet with yourself and ask yourself who you really are and what you want to be.

Life is generally meaningless without purpose and the purpose for our existence cannot be limited to getting money or flying in a private jet ( I am saying that those things aren’t good? i think those things are great, i want all of those things also). but then what would be  on your tomb stone : There lived a guy who bought a private jet?

I think that the real wealth in this world is people and that true satisfaction would be truly found in a life that was lived enriching the lives of other people. 


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