IF YOU COULD TRAVEL BACK IN TIME IN FROM JANUARY, what would you change? what would you do different? take a moment to think about this. we all know that time travel happens only in movies, we really cant rewind time or go back to the past to change anything however hard we try. all our efforts can only be in  the future.
i have heard people say that  second chances are few. But we have got one! Every day new day is a chance to another g
July is the second January, this thought rings in my heart very morning when I wake up. It means that even though I made new year goals and resolutions since January and I couldn’t just meet up anything. I get a do-ever! Isn’t that exciting?  A second chance to go at it!!!
If you are like me that means you like planning a lot and sure do know how to plan. I have plenty plenty journals ehn, I keep writing this one, that one… But I hardly ever get around to actually doing…
This is for a number of reasons though, doubt, fear and procrastination. I just started out my online beauty store and does that mean that I am no longer scared or still have some doubt somewhere in my head, but yet, I decided to go for it anyways!!!
Something’s we are waiting for all the conditions to line up before we take that step. We don’t have to wait! July is the second January! 2017 can still be amazing for you. I don’t know if its a business or something  you want to do just start anyways!
God is with you. You can’t fail! Because love never fails!
You have a second go at 2017 hit the road running.
In the coming weeks I would be sharing specifically on other stuff. Doubt, fear. Addictions,low self esteem, personal development and other topics on my heart.
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