Hello!! Thank you so much for coming in to read this, it means a whole lot, I wrote it just for you!

How’s your year going?

Every year presents us with opportunities, which ones have you taken this year?

CRAZY, that is the theme of the year.You must be willing to do crazy things even at times when you aren’t absolutely sure of that opportunity. Go for it! Try it out, you’d figure out all the other tiny details along the way I promise.

If you are like me, you get a lot of different ideas but executing them can be a huge problem. I have since learnt that the way to execute is to execute, that is to just go ahead and do it. a lot of times we hold back because we are afraid of making mistakes and failing. What is more pathetic is not trying at all.

You miss 100% of all shots that you don’t take.

The worst that could happen is the idea fails yeah? Well, it just means that you have learnt a way of doing it that doesn’t work. TRY ANOTHER.

When we say just do it, it also means that you need to do your homework– your research and all. The reason why a lot of ideas fail is not that they are not viable enough it is because enough research and feasibility studies weren’t done on it and there was no plan, structure or training in place for it. You can go ahead and try that Idea that you tried before that didn’t work again this time with a lot more intentionality.

On another hand realising that we only get to live once awakens us to be open to trying out different possibilities. Instead of just trying to be safe. We have to be open to taking risks. The world has rewarded risk takers so much.

We all have giftings. Your gifts and your destiny require responsibility to come into full expression. The platform on which your potential is actualised is work. Seek opportunities to work.Working would place a demand on your abilities and as you use them they get better. This year ensure that you are not going to run from opportunities. Go ahead and take that responsibility, it might stress you but it won’t kill you.

The things that it may require you to do may be unconventional, I don’t mean against your moral. religious and personal values but might be unconventional in the sense that it might be unpopular, uncommon or never done before but don’t shy away. Be an outlier.

It might not make sense to you personally but still, do it! Sometimes what we do I start first and then figure out the intricacies along the way. Rather than not starting at all.

Take Nike’s advice: Just do it! This is not another year to keep procrastinating or putting it off until tomorrow. This is your year of NOW. Sometimes we think the future is far. The future is actually here already.

Send that message, make that call, show up at that office, write that article, open that website. Whatever it just starts working on it! If you are an undergrad please don’t say you would do it after you leave school. Start now. start sowing seeds and setting the foundation.

A lot of times especially in the entertainment world, we suddenly see a musician or an actress and in our colloquial term, we would say, The person “blew’ all of a sudden. There is a no sudden ‘blowing’. A lot of ties, its years and years of hard work and consistency behind the scenes.

Another thing we experience is the fear and doubt about whether or not our ideas are good enough. They are. Although it is important to say that some ideas need time to mature and a lot of working on and refining behind the scenes. Your ideas are valid. Ideas are the currency that the world spends. You might never know until you try it. So don’t just give up or dismiss that idea as unworkable. Sit with that idea, think it through, analyse it, brood over it and keep developing it.

One of those things that hold us back is fear, I won’t tell you wouldn’t be faced with scary or challenging situations but you have to do it afraid and in faith in spite of the challenges. The very definition of courage is the presence of fear but acting in spite of it.

I am not a perfectionist, some of us are. I love perfectionists sometimes I wish I were. I admire them for their orderliness, meticulous attention to detail and the excellent results that they produce. Whether or not we are perfectionists, we have all experiences stalling till when the time is right or when the resources needed are available. If we were to wait for everything to be perfect before we take a step. That day might not come.
We have to learn how to improvise and maximise the resources available.

A couple of friends wanted to start a photography studio, there weren’t any on campus at the time. They had all their perfect plans laid out. They needed to raise capital to buy a camera and other equipment, on the other hand, there was this group of other guys who simply just borrowed a camera and started. Its more than 10 years, the first group never started ut the second have studios across several states now.

Another great thing to do is surround yourself with doers.

Last, don’t just start because everyone else around you has started something because our WHY is super important. it would keep us going through the challenges. Sometimes unconsciously we get under pressure from the people around us.

Just do you, your original self. The world is waiting for the gifts and ideas that you carry. Please do not rob us.


I’m Ife, I am the Pathfinder, I am committed to living a truly abundant and fulfilling life. I would love to help you do the same by helping you find your path. My name means Love. I am a Jesus, lover and follower.

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