When you get the right foundation, the world is at your feet. Every single person has a capacity to change the world around them. Little drops of water make an ocean, which means the little actions taken every day add up.

 The difference lies in being able to change the little space around us. Every time I believe in something I would begin to talk about it and take action, this is putting seed in the ground.

The place of your birth, where you are from, your background, who your parents are circumstances that you have no control over and are facts that are absolutely irrelevant as to who you can become. Your poor background just helps to make a great story.

It is important that you do not start from a self-defeating perspective because of where you are from. You have the opportunity of education and that opens up your mind and empowers you.

Your education is not merely limited to a certificate that you get after school. You don’t have a complete knowledge of every other field, therefore a university education can be quite limited. The rest of life is school, every minute of life you would continue to learn.

Therefore it is important to recognize that everyone has some value to give to you. Having this mindset helps you draw out the value of each person. You cannot take from a person that which he is unwilling to give no matter how much you pay a person. Money is a good motivation. It has its limits.  People deliver more than expected when they are inspired.

To make a great world we need both genders to fully participate. Excluding women is like a company that keeps 50% of its resources in the warehouse and yet expects to generate 100% results, it doesn’t happen that way. Same applies to when a woman voluntarily chooses to deprive the world, Nigeria of the talents, gifting and the resources that she carries.

Every single citizen needs to have a sense of ownership and responsibility. A great nation is a great brand makes life easier for every citizen. The country rating has a lot to do with country perception index, which is basically how the country is viewed by the rest of the world. The country rating would, in turn, affect   companies and each individual in the long run. This is where it is also important to choose leaders only the basis and consideration of RIGHT THINKING.


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