Lessons I learnt from my  mentoring session with Olori Ajayi

First I must say that she is a breathtakingly beautiful woman, the first thing that struck me about her that day watching her was her style she was dressed really simple but there was a lot of elegance around and about her.

I got the opportunity to meet Olori based on the premise that I would multiply whatever it is that I heard that I learned and this is a part of it. Me sharing what I learnt with you, I am honored that you decided to read this! Let’s jump right into it!!

She talked about the importance of relationships and building your network.  That’s it’s great to have the right people around you and how certain relationships may be for a seasonal period in our lives and also how we sometimes have to let go of people and build new relationships although it is really important to be able to discern the timing also.

For me, my personal experience around is that I love my friends very dearly( maybe I don’t show it much) I got to a certain point where some individuals began to feel like weigh because they weren’t seeing what I was seeing and they had gotten too complacent and weren’t stretching themselves to go on to the other side. We are still friends but I cannot depend on them for support for that journey ahead, I know that to that end those relationships won’t suffice otherwise we would both just decide to wallow our mediocrity together.

Many times let’s be unemotional or sentimental about it and face it that we need new friends & relationships. We need to get deliberate about our relationships and trust God to lead us to know when that relationship comes.

Apart from friendships, she also talked about mentorship relationships. That we need mentors but we must also learn how to cherish, maximize and honour mentors and that sometimes that relationship has a specific time and purpose and we should be able to discern that.

She also talked about getting aggressive with who you are and what you do. That is she explained that Dangote is the richest man in Africa but he isn’t the only rich man, the only difference is that he has the biggest piece of the pie. And that in different areas and industries there is a pie. In your industry, you should aspire to have more and more the pie, don’t just settle to be okay. There are leaders in that industry aspire to be one of the leaders there. If not ‘ the leader’.

She also spoke about a certain aggressiveness and tenacity towards your dreams and goals. Where you have an idea today and execute it tomorrow! Not where you keep waiting and waiting to execute.  Just start right away!
Dare to succeed, just go for it first and trust God!

 Sometimes you would do the thinking on your feet and on the move. Follow your heart and get rid of distractions. That there are certain things that look like opportunities and other things that you could be doing in your field but sometimes they are really distractions. Just focus on that part that you have chosen.

She talked about fear also, that often times the fear of failure, the fear of whether it would work or not is what would take you back to what you think can work, will drag you back into your safety net ( the comfort zone).

Someone asked her whether she was afraid of failing. She said no, that she believes that God would prosper even her mistakes.  That statement definitely got me!! I have since believed that it brought me to a deeper level of trusting God.

Another thing that got me was that she said when you start feeling tired and feel like giving up, don’t. That instead channel that uneasiness into WHAT NEXT.  Into asking questions and taking steps towards the next thing to do.

Last, you don’t have to wait till later in life to succeed, you should start now! You don’t have to wait till your forty.  You can start having it now!
Another things she said was about doing stuff together with your spouse., that the labour of one individual is good but that when two people do business/ work together there is a better reward. That as a couple that should be a business/work being done despite the separate things each individual has to do.

I couldn’t really capture everything that was said. But I hope something jumps at you from reading this. I am really delighted  that you decided to read this, please share your thoughts with me.


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