So I started off on my Instagram page. You know it’s February and there is a lot of fuss about love and Valentine’s Day what it should be and what it shouldn’t be.  So I’d be sharing here some of the stuff that I have been I have thinking about.
             The first thing is? Is love a feeling?
Like how do you know you love someone ? Is it a decision?  Is there something such as love at first sight ? How do you know ‘the one’?
          So,  uhmmm…  Is love a feeling ? Well,  I think love does invite a certain amount of  feeling.  But cannot be wholly based on feelings.  I mean I have like feelings for a lot of people, I am sure we all have at some point.  Feelings aren’t just enough.
         To an extent it feelings is basically the work of hormones, creating that feel good feeling ( if there is something like that)  I hope I am making a bit of sense. So feelings is not enough to start a relationship  based on.
        In my opinion,  love is a lot more about  the decision than the feeling. A decision to choose to love the person despite all odds, for the good, bad, ugly and very ugly.
     I also think that this decision is fuelled by knowledge.  That means that you have to get to know the person first.  So well no love at first sight but attraction  at first sight.  It’s quite possible  to see someone for the first time and just know that there is something different and unique or attractive about that person.  But that feeling isn’t love.
     I know you may a different opinion, please leave a comment.  (I just here 02:12am  pouring out the rambling that has been going on in my head).



  1. I definitely agree with you. Falling in 'love' is the easy part because that's just 'feelings'. Staying in love is much harder and more true

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