Hello, Happy new month!

Welcome to March. My deepest desire is that we take big leaps and move forward this month.

2018 seems to be going so fast already. That’s two months off the year. Time really waits for nobody! Who said a new year is only January 1? A new year really begins when you desire something is going to change with you. So please own this month!

For me, a new month is usually time to evaluate how I have spent my time the previous month. Time is the greatest resource that we have on earth, whether we are rich or poor. Our outcome is based on how we spent the time that we had. Everyone gets the same 24hours. One of the biggest battles that we would ever fight is the one for our time. So many things are trying to steal our time.

One of the things that I learnt while evaluating last year, I realized that I had not given a lot of thought to thinking and analyzing how I was spending my time or even keeping track on my progress.  This last month there, a couple of things that stole my time: social media, unnecessary conversations, oversleeping, the list goes on…

What’s stealing your time? It is very important to be able to point out what you do with your time and the benefit of those activities.

Honestly, I have a lot of unmet goals for the previous month. You know what we don’t do when things aren’t working the way we want it to do is  SHUT DOWN. Please don’t consider shutting down this month based on the experiences of the last two months.

I won’t forget what my mentor said a bad month is not a bad year. There is nothing wrong if you haven’t done as much as you would have liked to do and don’t allow other people’s successes to put you under pressure. Rather be inspired by their success and if their success puts you under pressure or makes you feel unhappy and depressed stop looking at them, simple solution yeah?  This is what social media does to us a lot of times especially Instagram, we can get so consumed watching other people’s successes that we forget to tend our own garden.

The grass isn’t greener on the other side you know, the grass is greener where you water it. Social media is the biggest blessing and curse all in one. One of the suggestions I have for you this month is to use social media to your advantage.

Use social media to project your brand and spread your message and use social media to learn.  Mentorship cannot be overemphasized and sometimes some of the biggest difficulties that we encounter is being able to share the same space with that person that you view as a mentor who is ‘up there’. However, social media allows the opportunity to share the same space. They actually share a lot of things on social media now. Take advantage of that, use it learn. What I do is pick my pen and jotter or make screenshots on my phone that I would refer to later.

Eliminate things that aren’t adding value to you. Eliminate the things and people that are putting you under pressure. That’s why they also included unfollow and unfriend buttons. If social media isn’t working for you as a whole, QUIT. Take a break or something.


This March determine to move forward. Learn! Learn aggressively every way you can, Take advantage of conferences, seminars, webinars, learning groups everything! Just be learning and improving every day.

I think a great way to begin this month is to pick a pen and paper and if you are more digital use your phone, tab, computer. Personally, I prefer writing my thoughts on paper. Think about February, how did you spend February? What are the achievements and failures of the month and what could you have done differently in February?

For example, in February I procrastinated a lot and I didn’t do many of the things that I planned to do. So that’s one of the things I want to do differently in March. It is very important to evaluate. That is how we move our lives forward on purpose.

We talk a whole lot about goal setting and I have discovered that few of us actually set any goals. Even sometimes when I talk about goal setting, I didn’t set goals myself. Perhaps, since January, you haven’t written any goals yet. It’s time to do that. It doesn’t have to be a list of 100 things. It could just be one thing. Although you are bigger than one thing, so you can do more than 1 thing.

Another thing that would really help is for you to get a VISION BOARD. If collecting and printing pictures is to difficult for you, just make a collage on your phone or laptop instead.

The reason why it is important is because our mind thinks in pictures and not in words. If I mention bag to you, what you immediately do is picture a bag in your head. Getting pictures of goals gives your minds something to focus on. I highly recommend that you do that.

A vision board is when you put the things that you desire or aim to achieve in pictures. I have vision boards for a different set of desires. I would share one beneath of a collage I made of women who have done things that I admire and I desire to do the same and even more, it’s on my laptop background so everything I start working on my laptop I see it everything as a reminder. I’d write an extensive post on vision-boarding later.

I also attached a blueprint on vision boarding Vision Board Blueprint.

vision board.png

If you aren’t really clear on what your goals are, my biggest suggestion is  GROW. Set a growth plan. Sometimes, there is this pressure to have it all figured out especially when the questions come and when it looks like everyone else has it all figured out except you of course!

You might be asking, so how I grow? by learning actually. My biggest suggestion is read more books, visit more blogs, use google a lot more.  Loads of things you can do actually but just ensure that you are DELIBERATE about it.

It’s not true, most people are only WINGING IT! They’ve come to understand that I don’t have it all figured out and yet while I don’t. I won’t pause, I would just keep on moving, continuing what I am doing and putting efforts consistently on a daily basis and figure it out on the way.

Every day just ensure that you are doing something that is moving you forward. An activity that is making you a better version of you. As you grow, you begin to see more and then begin to figure it out.

This March don’t play safe. Safe has not helped plenty people. DARE! Do more than you have attempted before. Force yourself out of your comfort zone and attempt something that you never have before. I’d share my story in the next post of I had to confront my mediocrity and push myself out of my comfort zone in February. It paid off!



Happy new month once again! Remember you are the one that really determines whether this month would be happy or not! Every month is a happy month. God has already loaded the month with amazing things!

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Remember it’s not just what you know that matters. It is what you know and use. Perhaps in this post, you read nothing new because they were things you already knew, it doesn’t matter so far you are not using it. Start using it!




I’m Ife, I am the Pathfinder, I am committed to living a truly abundant and fulfilling life. I would love to help you do the same by helping you find your path. My name means Love. I am a Jesus, lover and follower.


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