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It’s been a long time since I wrote here on my blog. I took a short unintended break, it actually just started from procrastination. Every day I said I was going to write the next day and when the next day came, I said I’d write the following day and it turned into months.

So here’s my advice:

Stop procrastinating!  I guess you’ve likely heard that before and you still did. I learnt something from Mel Robbins, she wrote a book called the 5 seconds Rule, which basically is Do it in 5 seconds don’t hesitate.

You see your brain is designed to protect you and keep you comfortable, so after a while, it begins to talk to you out of doing things but might potentially offset your comfort or your routine or take you out of your comfort zone so you don’t want to give it that processing time.

Send that email, text or make that call. Get up from the bed, pick up that book, go to that place. Whatever it is at all…

Just get up and do it!

The second reason why I wasn’t writing was that I got discouraged. I kept waking up to look at my site stats and saw that not so many people were reading my posts, it made me feel really terrible so I began to question everything. I got thoughts like maybe I am writing nonsense etc or I am not good enough and I began to compare myself to other bloggers.

Now, I have realised that its not about how the numbers make me feel. It is about people; loving people,  serving people and reaching people. So it’s not about how seeing large numbers make me feel, it’s about wanting to serve that one person that read it with something valuable.

What I have learnt :

  1. Comparison totally kills you! Stop comparing your beginning to someone else’s middle or end. Every blogger started somewhere. Instead be more interested in knowing what helped them to grow not comparing.
  2. Face your own work and up your game. If it’s not working then you aren’t doing something right or you aren’t doing something enough. Improve the quality of your work. Get wisdom.
  3. It’s absolutely okay to ask for help, don’t be too proud or too timid to ask for help. If you need help in a certain area,  ask someone who can help you. The worst thing is getting a ‘No’ and it won’t kill you.

Also. you can talk to your friends and trusted people if you are experiencing discouragement. Stop trying to keep it to yourself and act strong.  Their friendship and support go a long way to help.

Another part is there is no Quick fix or shortcut! I listened to Gary Vee’s talk about how he kept podcasting, writing for more than 2 years and nobody cared to listen to him or agree with his views. He was one of the first set of investors in Facebook and a lot of other ventures that have grossed billions now that no one believed in when they started out.

He met a  young Youtuber, he had only one advice for the 7-year-old boy. Don’t ever bother about the number of people watching you or subscribed to your channel or the number of followers but focus on giving out great content and getting better at it. It’s only a matter of time.

Summarily, stop comparing, procrastination and just get around to doing. The only cure for procrastination is DOING. What’s your dream? What are you working on? Stop worrying about whether or people would listen to you, focus on giving value and serving people.

I hope you found this helpful! Kindly, like, comment & share!


I’m Ife, I am the Pathfinder, I am committed to living a truly abundant and fulfilling life. I would love to help you do the same by helping you find your path. My name means Love. I am a Jesus, lover and follower.


  1. I actually procrastinated something till next month but on reading this piece I am starting right now. Thank you so much Ife, keep doing you and never feel discouraged. A time will come that you won’t be bothered about the stats anymore but how to handle it.


  2. Undoubtedly, the post is timely and reinstates the fact that “just do you”. Keep working so God can have something to work with. We can’t and shouldn’t die loaded with gifts He’s bestowed on us! Thank youuuu !!!

  3. Thank you ife, I just made two calls and sent a mail now, it felt like man…let the day end already just because I did what i was procrastinating. Thank you again!

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