Happy New Month! I m writing this first of August and the year is practically running! It was January like a few days ago.

No matter how the year has been for you, great or not so great, CHOOSE GROWTH. Continue to grow, keep getting better. Everything just falls into place as you grow.

I wanted to do a quick on here, what’s your daily routine? Success is found in the things that we practice every day, success is found in our habits. For the last few weeks on the blog, we have been talking about growth. Today, I would be writing about having a personal growth routine incorporated into what you do every day.

Reading is one of the key ways to learn but it’s not always easy to read or find time to read. There are other options actually, you could opt to listen to podcasts and audiobooks as you go on with your day! I use Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud and Anchor. Find the platform that suits you!

Another interesting thing that I use for learning is videos. We are primarily visual people. We think in pictures and communicate in pictures using words. How do babies and toddlers learn?  They actually learn by watching us. We all still learn this way!

Youtube has a lot of resources on any subject that you can even think of at all in the world! Probably even how to commit suicide. There is nothing that you need to know or learn that doesn’t have several videos on Youtube. One of my favourite things to watch on Youtube is Tedtalks. Most of us use Youtube anyway so why not just use as a growth tool and not primarily for entertainment.

Plus don’t complain about the lack of data. Think of it as a good investment in your dream that definitely pays off or find ways to get internet, I normally use a cybercafe (as low as N100  for an hour).

Another thing about personal growth is that although there are thousands of free resources on the internet, you must still be willing to make an investment in the growth, you can make it a part of your personal monthly budget. See it as a farmer going to the farm to put seed in the ground, if you put seed in the ground, you would definitely get a harvest.

Another thing to invest in your personal growth is TIME. Allot time to the activities that help you grow. Reading, writing, watch or attending. Allot time every day to the things that help you grow and be deliberate about it.

Another tool that is really good to use is Google, we don’t use google enough. There is practically a writeup on every topic that you can think available on Google, thousands of blogs and printables.

When I think of the first steps to take towards starting a business, one of the first things to do is do your research, spend time on Google doing your research, try to know as much as possible on the subject and the business that you want to start.

This doesn’t relate only to starting a business, it relates to eve knowing more about the career or field of study that you are into, you want to ensure that you are abreast and really knowledgeable about the subject.

One of the best ways that you grow you to stop focusing on you alone but also choose to help others grow, To invest in the growth of others, itis really important. Teach what you now to others, buy a book for someone, share a video, share a podcast, gift someone a book!

Make an investment in people, I wrote about that in my previous post, Placing value on people.

Cheers to your growth!

Have an amazing month.



I’m Ife, I am the Pathfinder, I am committed to living a truly abundant and fulfilling life. I would love to help you do the same by helping you find your path. My name means Love. I am a Jesus, lover and follower.


  1. I find reading everyday can help. Also I can suggest journaling and also finding some space to breath calmly without the hustles of the world.
    Wonderful writeup by the way.

  2. Eyitope Adelowo Reply

    Thanks for this, Ife. I’m reading this from a laptop. It really doesn’t look presentable like it is from a phone. Have a look.

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