I was thinking about what to write about this week and I thought about a bunch of stuff to write about activity, living our dreams and all but somewhere in the middle of that I stopped. Maybe this week’s message isn’t about being everywhere and ‘doing’ even a good as that is but it’s about stillness.

Yes, stillness.

The world that we live in is full of activities, sometimes I catch myself feeling like I need more than 24 hours a day although I don’t think I am fully maximizing the 24 hours that I have been given every day still that’s not what this is about. I have a blog post about maximizing time here.

Being busy and being everywhere does not necessarily translate to being productive or even doing the right thing or doing the things that actually matter.

This is not about being idle either. We shouldn’t be idle or lazy, which is the problem that some of us are actually faced with, laziness simply why we aren’t living our dreams even though we desire to and profess it. We are either sleeping too, much spending so much time scrolling on social media, responding to chats, watching movies or just talking and hanging out with friends.

Our dreams would give back to us what we invest in it and anything that we invest in would definitely yield returns. If you spend a lot of time on social media, you might actually become a social media expert or become very popular online or have the latest information about every celebrity or events. Just the same way you can become a good movie commentator, critic and vendor. The question is, is that what you want to be?

Social media is great! Social media has really helped me with my growth in a lot of ways by intentional about how I use it. This is something that we all have to be, intentional. Intentional about the actions that we take. The reason why media platforms like Instagram are really important to our growth is that we learn and process thoughts primarily through visuals.

We picture everything. We put everything in pictures. The pictures that we see helps our brains to understand and also make decisions and form a good part of our actions unconsciously. Our lives would follow the pictures/images that we look at most times unconsciously.

Instagram is a visually driven platform so what you see on it actually really stay and sticks with you, this can either be positive or negative. So you can choose to be deliberate about what you are looking at but I did was to actually to look for people who were doing what I would love to be, an author and a public speaker and it actually really works. Surround yourself with the images of the person you want to be.

Another social platform that really helped with my personal growth was Facebook. Although Instagram is more popular with young people Facebook has a whole lot of learning groups where you can actually get a lot of information on a whole lot of different subjects for FREE and also network with other people with similar interests.

That’s not what this blog post is actually about. Social media keeps us so busy. On my phone, I could easily scroll from YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and then head to Snapchat and round off with Facebook or decide to check out what’s happening on Vero and just before I go to bed I decide to respond to the 100 unopened messages waiting for me on WhatsApp. This could be my cycle and I am actually taking in a lot of information, doing a lot of liking, scrolling and commenting. This could be you also.

I heard T.D Jakes say in an interview abo succeeding at business and life that a lot of people are actually spending time getting to know other people without spending time getting to know and date themselves.

This was in the context of business and relationships but it made me actually think about why we aren’t spending enough time with ourselves.

One of the major reasons that I found was that we are spending too much time on social media so we aren’t really still! We aren’t really spending time alone by ourselves.

In this moments that we grow, make the best decisions, develop our vision, draw strength, develop our personality.

We must every now then and actually, every day learn how to use the log out button. Where you just decide to log out of a social media site. Where you decide to turn off that movie and shut down that laptop, switch off your phone and just be with yourself.

The pictures can wait, the commenting can wait, the messages can wait, the videos aren’t running anywhere. I just need to be with myself right now. I need to bolt the door, turn off the lights and just be still.

Stillness. We must just learn to be still. We must all learn how to excuse ourselves quietly from the chatter and just find a place to be still.  We must all learn to take a pause from all the spinning and just be still.

The truth is that if you weren’t there anymore the world would continue, the company wouldn’t fail if you took a day break or a 10 minutes break in the middle of work. You just need to take some still moments in your office chair and just be still. It could be 5 minutes; it could be 10 minutes. It could be a day; it could be a month we all need to learn to be still.

There are people who do not even remember how they look any longer because they have spent so much time just looking at every other person.

We must all learn how to be still sometimes. To dim the noise, suspend the scrolling and just be still. To remember who you are, why you are doing what you do and who you want to be, to remember the people that matter.

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I’m Ife, I am the Pathfinder, I am committed to living a truly abundant and fulfilling life. I would love to help you do the same by helping you find your path. My name means Love. I am a Jesus, lover and follower.

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