How has your week been?First, I am must tell you. I am super excited you are taking out reading this post.

Recently this thought had been crossing my mind a lot. Your dreams won’t work, unless you do. I have tried not to think about it so much but it keeps coming to me over and over so I decided to write about it.

Its true, your dreams won’t work unless we do. Our dreams won’t work themselves out. We are going to need to apply ourselves to them. Things won’t just fall into our laps, we must be willing to put in some work into it.

I saw a video on Instagram and it talked about giving that opportunity 100%. The truth is that many of us aren’t giving a 100% to the opportunities life has presented us. I read about a lady who had gotten a job and was retrenched just after six months and she was feeling really terrible but on probing deeper, it was found that she hadn’t been adding so much value to the organisation. Eventually, she got retrenched.

There is no person without gifts, but I wouldn’t matter whether or not you are gifted. We would need to commit to becoming better at those things. A man’s gift makes room for him, these are the stories of the people that have stood out in the world.

You can do more than you are currently doing. You may think you have reached the ceiling but if you dig deeper. You’d find more to give.

Be determined to find out what your gifts are and when you find ways to grow them. The best way to grow your gift is by use. Find ways to serve using your gift.

One way not to discover your gift is by looking at other people. If you are looking for others to find your giftings.

Sometimes, while looking at others, we may begin to feel inferior or feel a need to replicate the same things they are doing but don’t fall for the temptations.

Just do you.

Even your mentors. You are not called to do exactly what your mentor does. Observe, learn and be inspired by what your mentor does but don’t try to be the exact same thing. Find your ‘you touch’.

If you don’t believe that you are unique. Just consider that your neighbour has a different fingerprint form yours and no other person does anywhere in the world even though all fingers can imprint. Yours is different.

You have to own you who you are. A lot of time everyone is saying something on social media about how confident they are and everything. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that but its important that deep down. You actually believe those things that you say about yourself.

I haven’t absolutely completed that journey of knowing everything about myself or exploring all of my gifts but I know I am on that journey and that’s something you have to be deliberate about.

I am currently reading Myles Munroe’s Unleash your potential, it’s a read I strongly recommend to everyone. it would help you understand what you carry and how to give full expression to it.

I wish you a wonderful week ahead as you dig deeper into understanding yourself and your capabilities and seeking opportunities to use those gifts.


I’m Ife, I am the Pathfinder, I am committed to living a truly abundant and fulfilling life. I would love to help you do the same by helping you find your path. My name means Love. I am a Jesus, lover and follower.

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